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[T:TSCC] 1.08-1.09 Vick's Chip/What He Beheld [2008-03-03]

I thought the finale was gonna be a two-parter spread over two weeks.  But then I pulled up tvguide.com/listings around 8:30, just to have it up so I could get the episode title after I'd watched the episode, and it had a two-hour starting at 8pm.  Sigh.

1.08 "Vick's Chip"

[As noted above, I came in halfway through.]

Interesting, the creepy sexualization of Cameron.  "That was very effective.  When he touched her lips with his fingers.  I could tell she liked that."

Cameron's trying to learn how to be a real girl.  "It seemed like something I should do."  // "Just making conversation" [wink]

I love the intimacy of of John slicing into her and how he's so hesitant to injure her like that even though he knows she's a cyborg.

Cameron: "It's okay, John.  It's not the first time we've done this."

Derek: "I want you to hear this in no uncertain terms: Some day, one of these things is gonna kill you."
John: "It's not gonna be this one."

And oh the intimacy when he puts her chip back in -- and how he awkwardly pulls himself away when she turns back on.

Cameron: "I saw everything."

Derek: "Meaning this news could have waited."
Sarah: "You like to me again, I'll kill you."

Sarah [voiceover]: "True evil doesn't give us time to fight, or be afraid."  Except then she talks about how we keep our eyes down, don't look behind the masks, "and in doing so we resign ourselves to terrible fights we can't see coming."

1.09 "What He Beheld"

Derek and Kyle playing ball on Judgment Day (April 11, 2011).  Ages 15 and 8, respectively.

Sarah [voiceover] "You can't protect your children from the future."

John: "One of the girls is tougher than nuclear nails."
Derek: "And the other one's a cyborg."

John (on Moore's Law): "That's how we can go from a chess computer to apocalypse in four years."

Derek: "How do you tell an eight-year-old that machines have taken over the world?"
John: "How do you?"
Derek: "You don't."

Okay, Ellison's Scripture-quoting kinda weirds me out a bit.
Ellison: "I've beheld."

Derek: "... bury you in the back yard."

Cameron to John: "You haven't spoken in 28 minutes."

John: "Last year mom got me a flak jacket."
Cameron: "That's a tight present."

"Built day"!

Did he really say "Hollow Metal" was the song name?  Heh.

John: "I love The Smiths."
Oh, you would.

Wow, John picked up on the fact that Cameron noticed something and so he distracted his friend to allow Cameron to go investigate.

Morris: "Is this your car?"
Cameron: "No, it belongs to the guy I killed and stuffed in the trunk."

LOVE the look of utter confusion/incomprehension on Cameron's face when Morris asks her to the prom.

The gang woman shows up with blood on her shirt.  I love her silent intensity -- though okay, on reflection, the fact that she's voiceless and complies with Sarah's orders is potentially problematic.

Sarah: "Can you get through the door?"
Cameron: "Yes, but the wall would be much faster."

Sarkissian: "Not my kid."
Derek: "Not mine either."

The look on John's face after Derek shot the guy, he looked so furious that Derek had done that to that child (your heart already practically broke for John when he encountered the girl in the first place).  musesfool says Derek covered the girl's eyes, though, which I hadn't noticed but which I can fit into my memory of that scene.

Sarah to girl: "You find your daddy.  Don't look back, just go."

Cameron to gang woman: "Do I need to kill you now?" [cocks gun, hands it to woman]

FBI woman to Ellison: "You know as well as I, some men are monsters."
I'm not quite sold on the woman buying Ellison's story, but I do appreciate that he responds to the "what" vs. "who" the way he does, rather than trying to sell her on the cyborg theory.

Derek to John: "Your mom's never killed anyone, has she?  She's got murder in her eyes, but her heart's pure."

Derek: "You think it'll always be this way, and then you remember what this place looks like when it's on fire, and you realize you'll do whatever it takes to keep from watching it burn again."

As soon as we saw the boys playing ball I recognized the echo to the opening scene, and I wondered if maybe they were really the Reese boys but I didn't think they actually were, and then we saw the t-shirt and Derek so casually revealed that he knew ("Your father always had a good arm." / "How did you know?" / "Every time I look at you, I see him. Besides, your mom's his type."), and I was all choking up and teary.

The recitation-song is interesting. Edit: song link ["The Man Comes Around" - Johnny Cash] via soundingsea /edit

Charley!  As soon as he heard "Kester" I totally worried he was gonna die.  And when he saw Kester, I was literally talking to the tv: "Do not engage!  You're an EMT -- your first duty is to the wounded, don't try to be a hero!  Good man, good man."

And oh, the scenes of the SWAT team falling into the pool, killed me.

And I was like, "Please don't kill the black man."  I'm sad that the woman died, but glad that she got at least a memorial moment, that she wasn't just one of the anonymous masses who fell into the pool.

And yeah, that swath of death was pretty intense; I'm glad that Charley dropped his phone in shock.

Commercial break, of course Sarah didn't forget John's birthday, "It's our life" / "It's our mission.  This is our life."  Love bad-ass Cameron.  And damn, good thing the cyborg was the only one in the vehicle when it blew up.

Sidenote, do we think the little girl was the cashier's daughter?
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