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[Weeds] 2.08 "MILF Money" [2008-03-04]

I like the performance of the theme song. (The Submarines)

Snoop Dogg! "MILF-Weed."
Nancy's so giddy, and Conrad looks really uncomfortable that yet another guy is all up in the grill of the woman he's in love with.

Nancy, you've got bills to pay! Why are you buying yourself all these nice things?

Andy, you owe Nancy like a bajillion dollars. Were you paying attention to her litany? It's not that you're not getting paid so much as your payment is getting direct-deposited to your bills.

I loved Shane standing up.
     "What about our rights to privacy?"
      "I think you're trying to turn this into a police state."
Where did he come from? Did he just pick all that up in Debate or something? It's pretty awesome, so I'm kinda willing to just go with it, but still.
     "I've seen you drunk at my house."
That felt more believable.

Shane: "So no one gets in trouble."
Oh, Shane. I knew he wasn't an idiot, but to be that perceptive?

[quotes from tv.com]

Nancy: There's global warming, unless you want the planet to dissolve in one big ocean.
Shane: Global warming is just God's will. I liked the Range Rover. This car is gay!
Nancy: Don't be ignorant just because it's in right now.

Shane: Really, what movie?
Nancy: Uh...how about the Al Gore one about the total destruction of the planet and the coming environmental apocalypse.


Heylia: "Lewis is a perfectly good name -- but if you wanna name yourself after a traffic violation...U-Turn."
I forget what exactly she says, but I really liked the "trafiic violation" bit.

Oh Shane, telling Peter that Nancy's "doing laundry with a black man." Heh.

Bringing down Heylia?! :(

Oh, and at the end when Peter ends his conversation with Nancy saying it's his "fun time" now? I was kinda creeped out/disturbed, which I don't think is the reaction the show wanted me to have.
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