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BtVS 8.12

Wolves at the Gate, Part 1

(I got the primary cover 'cause that was the only one there was at Million Year Picnic.)
The Slayer population of the world has gone from two to nearly two thousand.  Buffy and Xander have established a base in the highlands of Scotland where they continue to train Slayers, and command their forces around the world, building their defenses against new threats.  Willow comes and goes; Buffy has cut Giles off; and Dawn's a giant.  They've battled familiar foes, deranged zombies, and military goons, but only Buffy has faced the elusive new enemy apparently behind it all: Twilight.
Typing this up after finishing the comic is interesting because almost none of this infodump plays into this particular installment of plot.

I love that we open with literal wolves at the gate.

Renee: "You don't need to babysit me."
Xander: "Okay, hang on.  Back up.  No one's baby-sitting anyone here... // If anything, that fantasy comes much later and only if we both agree to it and have a safeword."
    Okay, since when does baby-sitter roleplay necessitate a safeword?  (Nevermind the fact that Xander's saying that at all strains my credulity.  Yes he tends to speak without thinking, but I don't feel like he's that stressed out at that moment that he would be quite that bad.)

Buffy and Satsu slept together?  Okay, I did NOT see that one coming.

Satsu: "Yeah... // 'That was wow' pretty much covers it."
Nicely done with the overlay of the "You're supposed to say, 'Easy miss, I've got you...'"

I was really confused as to who this person Willow was carting around was (so I was v. glad when someone actually called him by name).  I should have known it was Andrew with the Superman geekitude, but having never actually seen any of the movies the only reference I got was "Lois."  [I Googled later.]

Andrew: "Is that Dawn down there?"
Willow: "Yep."
Andrew: "She sleeps in a barn?"
Willow: "Only when it looks like it might rain."
    She sleeps with bare feet sticking out when it looks like it might rain?

Renee: "You know, there are better ways to do this."
Xander: "Do what?"
Renee: "Spend time with me. // I mean, off the top of my head, you could, you know... take me out."
Xander: "You want me to assassinate you?"
Renee: "No.  On a date."
Xander: "Oh. // Renee, would you like to go out with me?"
Renee: "I'd love to."
Xander: "Okay then. // But first we should probably deal with our wolf problem."
Renee: "I know.  I'm not even sure who to alert.  A zoo?  Do they have zoos in Scotland?"
Xander: "Nope.  Scotland's a primitive society.  Their men hunt with clubs and their women wear corsets to bed."
Renee: "I don't want to go out with you anymore."

Satsu: "I mean... I know what this is.  I know you didn't just... turn gay all of a sudden..."
Buffy: "Right. // Wait... // How do you know that?  Did I do something wrong? // Because I'm flying blind here.  It's not like they make instruction manuals for these sorts of things."
Satsu: "Actually, they do."
Buffy: "Okay, but I haven't read them. // I didn't get a lot of prep time here and I think that should be taken into consideration before final grades are given."
Satsu: "Trust me.  You didn't do anything wrong."
Buffy: "But I didn't do enough things!  You did more things than me!"
Satsu: "And you let me. // You were amazing."
Buffy: "I can live with amazing. // What was your question again?"

The whole one-time-thing makes me really uncomfortable ('cause hi, Satsu's still in love with her -- and it occurs to me that possibly my own personal issues are resonating strongly with this, but I really do think this sort of scenario would have made me uncomfortable).

Secrecy and relationships never works out well, so I was glad that we nipped that in the bud.

Buffy: "This isn't what it looks like!"
Xander: "Oh, thank God.  This is a dream."
Renee: "I don't think it's a dream."
Xander: "No, I've had this one before.  You're here.  They're here. // I'm just gonna go sit in the corner and wait for Willow to arrive."

Vampire: "Bye now." [turns to fog]
Buffy: "Okay, that's new."
    I was like, "But, Dracula!" and was frustrated that she kept talking as if this were something new which they had never seen before, so I was glad when they finally revealed that yes they did know this was reminiscent of Dracula.

P.S. There was a NYT article?  Seriously?  (Also, I don't think this excuses people posting "zomg Buffy had sex with a girl" outside of spoiler cuts, but we already knew I'm tremendously anti-spoiler.)  Also, I am confused by seeing people saying Buffy is bi -- 'cause it seems fairly clear to me that she had one night of sexual relations with a female-bodied person but does not now nor has she ever seen herself as someone who is sexually attracted to women; we had more than one issue's worth of buildup of Buffy feeling lonely and etc., and we all remember her using Spike (not that I'm trying to make a direct comparison to that situation, of course).
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