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Lent (27/40)

Today's [Friday's] Lenten Labyrinth meditation continues the theme of emptying/purifying.etc. and states: "Regardless of how beautiful or carefully applied is our makeup, we are what fills us."


elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:42min
2mi @ 23:35min
2.53mi @ 30min


e-mail forward from Eric:
HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam . Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands .

HEMA also has stores in Belgium , Luxemburg, and Germany . In June of this year, HEMA was sold to British investment company Lion Capital.

Take a look at HEMA's product page. You can't order anything and it's in Dutch but just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens.

This company has a sense of humor and a great computer programmer.


FUH was in town for the day, and he showed me the cover of the December 2007 Journal of Political Economy, pointing to the bottom listed article
Peter T. Leeson: An-arrgh-chy: The Law and Economics of Pirate Organization
He then proceeded to read me the abstract, and it actually sounds kinda interesting (hi, the abstract opens: "This article investigates the internal governance institutions of violent criminal enterprise by examining the law, economics, and organization of pirates.") so I made a photocopy for myself.

You can check it out yourself if you're interested.

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Sin is necessary, but all will be well, and all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well."
-Julian of Norwich, Showings

Five good things about today:
1. The copier guy came and fixed our copier!
2. One of the Media Services guys came by today, and when he passed by my desk he asked if I'd gotten my DVD yesterday.  I was impressed that he even remembered since we haven't interacted much, and I just thought it was really thoughtful.  Later, one of the other Media Services guys was also in the area and asked as well, though that was less impressive since we've interacted more and I feel like he's one of the more senior people there.
3. See entertaining items listed above.
4. It was in the upper 40's today and sunny, and we decided to go to the Square for lunch.  (It was v. quiet in the office.)  No one had preferences, so I voted for Pho Pasteur Le's 'cause I was in the mood for what I always get there -- ginger tofu (with peanut sauce), no onions.  I was especially pleased by this because I had been so disappointed by the Mediterranean Flatbread I'd gotten at the Grille yesterday -- it was v. tasty (spinach, mushrooms, arugula -- and carmelized onions, which I was not warned about, but which easily picked off), but for $5.25 I think there should have been more food involved (they give you a pile of greens on the side -- which they ruin by putting dressing on, though it's only vinaigrette or something -- but hi, that is still not great, plus I could get it for like $0.30/oz on the salad bar upstairs).  I mean, I can get a big container of pasta, or a bowl of tofu&vegetable stirfry, for about the same price as this.
5. Google-stalking For The Fun. /cryptic

Three things I did well today:
1. I did laundry (in my pajamas -- probably the first time since college, when I had in-building laundry).
2. I bought groceries.
3. I remained awake and functional despite Megan's flights being delayed from <midnight arrival to after 1am arrival.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
1. Brunch!
2. Real time with Megan.
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