Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Weeds] 2.09 "Bash" [2008-03-13]

Meh. I am somewhat indifferent to the theme song performance this ep (Tim DeLaughter of Polyphonic Spree).

Wow, they had to try to make the Huskaroos commercial look that low-budget.

Hi, Celia, Dean can take his manager's cut and buy whatever he wants with it; you're not entitled to any of it.

Love Shane's new girlfriend!

I was really worried about Heylia getting busted, so I loved that she pulled one over on them. I totally understand Nancy warning Heylia, but "Heylia's always been straight with me" is a bit of a cop-out explanation 'cause hi, Nancy, you totally went behind Heylia's back to do this growhouse with Conrad and you know it.

Joseph: "Don't say 'ain't,'' it's a slave word."
Heylia: "Well I ain't no slave, so I can says what I wants."

Doug knows things? When did that happen?

Doug (to Celia): "City Council was the one thing in my life I didn't have to get baked to get through. And you took that away from me."

As soon as they were in his office I called them hooking up. And the show actually sells me on that. Heart.

Love Lupita's deadpan recitation of what happened while Nancy was out front with Peter.

Nancy (to Silas): "The wrong parent died!"

After Nancy's breakdown they really ran the Almond Joy jingle over the credits? Wow. Jarring, much? Though it's actually kind of fitting -- the insistence on everything being okay and happy (in keeping with the double-meaning of the episode title).
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