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Yong-Li: "I'm standing by the protesters... so call me. Bye."

Eileen and Yong-Li did arrive around 12:30 last night (and they brought me gifts!) but we ended up staying up talking until about 2am. I got up around 11 this morning ('cause I knew Yong-Li was was meeting a friend downtown at 12:30), and looking out the window as we were getting ready to go, there were bits of snow falling. It was more like rain by the time we left, but it wasn't really precipitating enough to be a nuisance.

We all three walked to the T station and then Eileen and I got brunch at Johnny D's. I got one of the specials -- mango pancakes -- and considered getting their St. Patrick's Day drink but didn't. We stayed there for a good couple and hours and then headed out. We took the T to Harvard and walked to the b-school. I showed her my office (yay swipe card access!) and Spangler and the Chapel (though we couldn't actually get in). We walked back to the Square, got our pictures taken over the River in the grey, and went to Tealuxe -- where I got the chocolate cherry I'd almost gotten last time, and since it was fairly crowded we walked back to the b-school and sat in front of one of the fireplaces in Spangler. I felt kinda weird being there in my "Smith College: A Tradition Of Women In Exciting Positions" t-shirt and light blue jeans.

I told her stories of the random guys who've tried to pick me up, and she pointed out that the fact that I walk alone all over the place makes me literally more approachable, which sounds obvious now that she said it but which had literally never occurred to me before since I take it so for granted that I go lots of places by myself.

Edit: Negotiation Genius was on display at the HBS Coop, and I got talking about the book, and it was interesting talking about it, really trying to remember ideas and examples and turn them into normal-speak. /edit

I had no idea where we were going to eat dinner (Yong-Li had vetoed Indian, and Eileen had vetoed Mexican, but otherwise anything was fine), since I go out to eat so rarely and all, and I was seriously considering calling Nicole to ask for recommendations, but the Garage reminded me that I like Le's, so I decided on that.

We got dinner around 6:30, with Yong-Li's friend Victor. Yong-Li got a chai bubble tea, which was tasty. Afterward we considered going to Tommy Doyle's (Victor was heading to a party) but ended up just going home -- in part because Yong-Li was carrying bags of fruit (they had gone to Quincy Market, Mike's Pastries, the farmers' market by Haymarket, and back to Boston Common -- hi, I envied their walking a little, to be honest). We talked about going to PJ Ryan's later (we got home at like 8:30), but we just sort of crashed on couches.

I started making serious noises about calling it a night around 11:30, and I appreciate that Yong-Li pushed for plans for tomorrow, because we ended up totally 180-ing what I thought their plans had been leaning toward and in the process lowering my anxiety. (P.S. Why is it so hard to find details about where exactly the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade is?)
It had been sounding like they wanted to go to Nicole's brunch and that meant I would have to skip out of CHPC AdultEd early or something (I want to go to Nicole's brunch, too, but the decision-making gets more complicated when I'm responsible for other people), but they ended up deciding that they (Eileen) more wanted to go to the Parade, so we're all just gonna leave around the same time tomorrow morning and they'll go to Chinatown and then to the parade and then who knows and I'll get to do my thing (including evening church) and will give them a spare key in case they need to crash. I really don't mind playing hostess -- and I had been worried that I wasn't in a state to have the requisite energy, but it's been fine; and Eileen and I have been really comfortable despite not having been in touch much this past oh eight years -- but I'm also kind of attached to some of my own stuff (though I have no problem bringing people along) and yeah, coordinating with other people makes things more complicated. Does anyone wonder why I do so much stuff alone? (Though really there's a multitude of reasons for that, and I do totally enjoy doing lots of stuff with people.)

Okay, I seriously need to go to bed.
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