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[CAUMC/CWM] Maundy Thursday [2007-03-20]

When I came in to the building, a woman I knew from CAUMC Bible Study woman said she was going up in a few minutes -- there was already one person up there.  Hi, I had checked my watch before I walked in and it was like 7:28, so I would HOPE there would be at least one person up there.  But I didn't say that.  (Service started like ten minutes after I walked in.)

Gathering in the Upper Room

Hebrew Prayer of Blessing and Lighting of the Candles

John 13:1-2a

Opening Hymn: "How Could a God Whose name Is Love" (insert)

Prayer of Confession
  On this night we gather for a commemorative meal!
     On this night we watch and listen
     with our eyes, ears, and hearts.
  We will be given words of forgiveness, hope, and courage.
     We will receive the blessing of the One
     who will give up all for us.
  Come to this time of feasting.
     Jesus, we gather as your disciples that night. And
     though we know what happened later, we still
     confess to have the same fears, doubts, and
     questions. As you accepted the disciples then
     receive us now. Enter our hearts and prepare us for
     the banquet. AMEN.

Words of Assurance
     Tiffany sounded so strong I literally visualized her speaking in caps -- "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, YOU ARE FORGIVEN."

Scripture Reading
John 13, select verses

Foot Washing
During foot washing sing "Jesu, Jesu"

Narrative of the Last Supper
John 14-16, select verses

Observance of the Last Supper
During communion we will sing the following
"Let Us Break Bread Together"
     Let us break bread together on our knees (3 times)
     Jesus fell on his knees
     Washed our feet to make us free.
     O Christ, let us serve like thee
"Here, O My Lord, I See Thee" (vs. 1-3)

We sat at a table.  There was a loaf of bread (contra matzoh last year), passed around, but didn't say words to each other (contra last year).

Scripture Reading
John 17, select verses (Jesus' prayer for the disciple)

Silent Procession to the Sanctuary

I thought downstairs was gonna be in the chapel, but it was in the sanctuary -- which makes sense, actually, as the chapel doesn't have a choir loft.

The Garden, The Trial, The Verdict

Hymn: "Go to Dark Gethsemane" (v. 1 & 2)

Scripture Narrative: Jesus in the garden

Duet: Wondrous Love
(Mike & Meredith)
They sang lower and softer than I'd expected, but their voices were that kind which I can see prompts people to say "angelic."

Scripture Narrative: Jesus before the high priest

Anthem: "Healer Of Our Every Ill"

Scripture Narrative: The betrayal of Peter

Hymn: "Stay with Me"

Scripture Narrative: Jesus before Pilate, the verdict

Postlude: "O Lamb of God, All Holy"

There will be no benediction.
The service will end in silence and in darkness.
Please keep the silence as you leave.
Tags: holy week: maundy thursday

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