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[Weeds] 2.10 "Mile Deep and a Foot Wide" [2008-03-25]

I thought the theme song singer's voice sounded a bit like the original (Malvina Reynolds), but it was Regina Spektor (which is what Rebecca said near the end of the song).

[most quotes from tv.com]

Watching the Previouslies, MaryAlice was like: "Heylia will still be mad? But Nancy tipped her off." I said I suspected she'd still be a bit mad. But that she's being tailed? Yeah.

So Peter's supervisor is pulling the security detail on Heylia 'cause they need it for bigger more solid stuff? So she'll get her livelihood back regardless of what Nancy does? I normally dislike plots like that 'cause it feels like a recipe for disaster, but given the ending of this ep (which, hi, SHOW, why do you do that to me?) this actually makes me relax a bit ('cause I didn't want Heylia ruined).

Zooey Deschanel!

(Nancy opens the door.)
Kat: Kat!
Nancy: You lost your cat?
Kat: I'm Kat. You're Nancy, right?

Shane: You're the crazy chick from Alaska who tried to kill my uncle?
Kat: That is a great story!

Nancy: You drove here all the way from Alaska?
Kat: Yeah, I borrowed some salmon from the fishery...
Andy: That means she stole it.
Kat: The man at the 7-Eleven gave me a case of Red Bull...
Andy: ... And that means she stole it.
Kat: And that's all I've been eating and drinking for the past 47 hours. I feel great!

Celia: (talking about how long she's been married) 17 years.. How long have you and...
Doug: Twenty... eight. Twenty-two. I'm not good with numbers.
Celia: You're an accountant.
Doug: Different. Those are guys' numbers. Years married, that's girl maths.

Doug: "That's because they're all inside molesting their children."
Celia: "Dark."
Doug: "Watching 3 hours of Agrestic Gone Wild will do that to you."

I'm unclear as to what exactly Peter did to Silas' elbow, but I totally thought of Conrad telling Nancy how Heylia shot him in the leg and that's why he respects her authority.

I still like Gretchen.

At the end of the ep, Katie commented that they play a lot of Sufjan Stevens. I think this is only the second ep (and the first one was in S1, I believe) they've played any of his music. She said yeah, but it's Sufjan. I commented that they definitely have an ecclectic array of music they play on this show.
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