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HIMYM 3.14 "The Bracket" [2008-03-31]

Ted: "It's not March Madness; it's March Well-Thought-Out-ness."

Barney: "Four types of women at a hardware store [...] lesbian who will let me watch."
Lily: "You could not be more evil."
Barney: "Oh, five: recently widowed."

Barney: "God bless ya, Ted; you read my blog."
Ted (off Robin's look): "I'm really bored at work."

Yeah, it would be Robin who knew Barney's schtick at the museum -- "going blind... absorb all the beauty you can before the darkness descends"

Hee, Marshall's "I have one [list of all the women I've slept with]. It's called my marriage license."

I liked that the Final Four reactions weren't predictable --
one woman totally wanted to take him back (was that the girl from "Dowisetrepla"?),
one woman reminded us that yes he was pretending to be TED MOSBY and so of course she wouldn't tell Lily to beware of "Barney Stinson" (Sidebar: TedMosbyIsAJerk.com => "Service Temporarily Unavailable: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."),
one woman beat him up (hee, Lily: "I'm making a scrapbook."),
and one woman . . . okay I can roll with "Hey if it meant she stopped running toward losers like you [and thus ended up with a good guy like me]" but the June/July and how they ruined their life, I mean I shouldn't be surprised that the show chose to throw that twist, but I wasn't thrilled.

I assumed the blonde talking to Robin at the bar was hitting on her.

It feels true that Barney would have little if any shame at how he's treated women (though okay, I kinda squicked at "I mean, I'm pretty sure I sold a woman") but would really feel bad about not even recognizing a woman he's slept with.

Narrator-Ted: "Eventually Barney did find out who that mystery woman was. But more on that later."
Okay, if MysteryWoman is YourMom, I'm okay with that. But I feel like any obvious set-up like that means of course she can't be. (Though unlike Stella, she at least doesn't have a name yet, so there isn't that gargantuan suspension of disbelief that the kids wouldn't immediately perk up at their mom's name -- though I suppose she could have decided to change her name later on ... though even so I would think that would have come up in conversation somehow in the past decade plus that these kids have been sentient.)

AMY! Did you see the ad for the Harold and Kumar movie "Paid for by the campaign to elect Neil Patrick Harris" or whatever? I mean, I know you know about the movie, but the "Campaign to elect Neil Patrick Harris" trope . . . ?
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