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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Weeds] 2.11 "Yeah. Like Tomatoes." [2008-04-01]

That was Jenny Lewis doing the theme song?

So, um, this ep is all about kicking you when you're down?

Bag of oranges? Who does that? And okay, I get that by asking her if she's good with them he's trying to give her an out, to admit to what he already knows ... but dude, you surprise her the morning after -- with A BAG OF ORANGES -- and you think she's gonna be like, "Yeah, y'know, I think maybe we rushed into things, let's have a serious talk about that"? But um, way to be like, "Yeah, no, I don't think I'll stay." And then he gets all scary on Conrad. Dude, Peter, I know you're feeling used and betrayed, and I want to like you, but you're not helping.

Oh, Gretchen, you could be so awesome ... it makes me sad that you're bored by Shane's speechwriting (though, okay, watching someone else write can be boring at any age, especially when you're young) and wanna get drunk.

The moment when we realize that Silas was the vandal? Heart-breaking.

Heylia goes to the ARMENIAN! That can not end well.

MaryAlice thinks Conrad's gonna get killed. I don't know what the cast list is for S3 (and don't want to), but I could see that happening. Conrad's gonna show up for the deal with U-Turn (I'm undecided as to how I think Nancy will deal with the graduation conflict), U-Turn's gonna show up with his posse of guns ... I feel like Peter's setting Nancy and Conrad up to get busted, but I'm not entirely clear on the details of these two meet-up plans anyway.

The show consistently presents me with situations where I think, "Oh, thus-and-such is going to happen and that will be horrible," and then the show totally cuts to the chase with that issue so it doesn't have the horrendous drawn-out fall-out I had feared -- but instead it throws me something bad I totally hadn't even expected.

Oh, and the Celia and Doug fallout was not unsurprising, but still sad.
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