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Ian's a pacer.

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:54min
2mi @ 23:51min
2.50mi @ 30min


Do I wanna go to Many Stories, One Voice: Ecumenical Welcoming Movement Celebration?  It's Thursday-Sunday the weekend after Labor Day (ha -- I'd miss the opening Singspiration of the season ... after the conversation my mom and I had, I wrote JoeF a letter in which I mentioned that "it feels easier to just let people at United assume I am who they think I am;" I did not mention that I try not to lie in answer to direct questions, but this reminded me that last time: I said I was staying overnight but then getting an early train back to Boston to attend a conference, and GinnyH actually asked me what the conference was, and I said, "transgender legal issues," and she didn't give me shockface or anything, in fact started asking me about it like had I learned interesting/useful stuff or something like that and I just went with it and did my best to answer).
It's in NOLA, at the Marriott.  *checks*  Our horrible experience was at the Doubletree.  *relief*

Speaking of United... I got the "Responses to 'Family Meeting' Questionnaire" (cf. a March 7 meeting, apparently) today.  I feel like that's cutting it close for an April 6 evening meeting (reminder to self: lift that up in Prayers of the People on Sunday -- also: hai, Singspiration one week from tonight's gonna be interesting), though possibly town residents got theirs earlier since it's Local mail.  Anyway.  I shouldn't be surprised that JoeF sent me one.  I skimmed it, and some of it's good and some of it reminds me why that is Not My Church and of course some people's thoughts directly contradict other people's thoughts.


Today was a slow day, so I'm not up for teasing out a full list of joy sadhana items, but I did want to note that today's pasta special included Tofu Picatta.  Hi, this is the first time I have ever seen tofu on the pasta bar.  Okay, I paid $2.15 additional (pasta w/o protein is $5.00) but....


We went to Wisteria (a Chinese food place near where Cate and Jason live) for dinner.
    Their fruit smoothie drinks include "Purple Tour of Romance" and "Sea of Magic," which we totally ordered.
    Some of our food and drink was a bit slow in coming, which was only a problem because we were pressed for time.
    I had scallion pancakes, which I had for the first time last night and am apparently a big fan of.  I also got "vegetable ravioli" (basically steamed dumplings) which I was less thrilled with, though they weren't bad.


We saw ASP's production of The Tempest, and I was unimpressed.  Jason said they seemed to be going for a turn-of-the-century vaudeville theme but didn't take it far enough.  (Ariel's outfit reminded me of Cabaret.)
    I forgot what a jerk Prospero is.  I mean, I know, but they really played it up in his early scenes with Miranda and Ariel.  Cate said she saw a production with Patrick Stewart as Prospero, and he played him with a touch of madness, which makes a lot of sense to me.
    I felt like a lot of the scenes went on too long -- the opening shipwreck, for example.  Also, it's weird to have Prospero never (except for one scene near the end) actually use the staff you know he breaks at the end (and actually, I don't think he literally broke it).
    I did like a lot of the music.
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