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I forgot that getting to the gym earlier than I usually do means it's full 'cause of all the students gymming before their 8:30/8:40 classes, so I did the treadmill (30min @ 5mph, plus 5min-cooldown at 4mph).  I did not die -- or even feel particularly close to doing so -- so thumbs up for that.

Tomorrow's the Centennial, so the gym closes at 8:30, but I expect a lot of people will sleep in.  (And Katie said today seemed extra crowded -- who knows why.)  I really don't know how the Centennial festivities are gonna be.  My expectations are minimal.  Being away from my desk all day makes me nervous (in large part because I didn't have opportunity to debrief tmorrow's schedule with Prof.B. -- who is definitely not going to all the events) but I totally have the okay to spend the day at the events, and there are no crises looming -- and I'm totally gonna stop in and check my e-mail between leaving the gym and going to the opening festivities.

Today's edition of How Fandom Has Ruined Me: I was skimming the schedule for the World Economic Forum on the Middle East 2008 and did a double-take at:
Panel Session
Hot Topic Session: To Peg or Not to Peg?
As the US dollar continues to lose its value against the major trading partners of the Middle East, pressure is mounting on countries that have a dollar peg to reconsider this policy.
I went to extension school class for the first time in literally a month tonight.  We're starting Marx.  I find it interesting that one reason Communist Revolutions didn't happen in the places Marx thought they should (and yes, I was amused that the places they did happen were places Marx didn't think they should, 'cause they hadn't advanced far enough for capitalism to collapse under its own weight) was that the propertied class realized that yes it was in their self-interest to not have completely unbridled capitalism.


jennyo linked to this article -- raging against it.  I clicked on it and read it and sort of nodded at the article -- not necessarily in agreement but in understanding.

It's kind of funny that I'm sympathetic to so many arguments which are so far from each other -- and often so far from my own beliefs as well.  I also find it interesting when I'm in agreement with people on an issue but for totally different reasons than are being used in an argument.
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