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one of these days I will have Subject Lines again

I got about 9 hours of sleep last night.

However, I did not get my lunch with Terry, as he had some family emergency (what else is new?).  He said we'll talk some time this week, and it occurred to me later that I don't actually have day plans for next Saturday, so in theory I could come out again.  (I could take the train out Saturday morning, have lunch with him, spend the afternoon with my parents or reading a book or something, go with my mom to Susan's seder, and then take the train home from Brookline Village.)

My mom offered to take me to lunch, so we (my mom and my dad and I) went to Taso's -- this Greek place by Norwood Airport.  'Twas good.  I had mozzarella sticks appetizers and spanikopita which was one big wrap.  I actually ended up taking some leftovers to go -- so we definitely didn't get dessert (baklava, Richardson's ice cream, etc.).  Sadness.  My mom suggested it as an option for my and my brother's birthday celebration this summer.

Lunch was so quiet.  Friday, Cailin and a bunch of us FA's went to Border Cafe, and I always forget how noisy that place is, plus of course with five people there were multiple conversations going on.  Whereas this place wasn't jampacked and all the people who were there were subdued, and my parents and I aren't compulsively chatty.

I had expected it to be cool and rainy and suspected my choice to pack a t-shirt ("Smith College: A Tradition Of Women In Exciting Positions") was ill-advised, but the whole time I was in Norwood I had my sweatshirt tired around my waist.  Warm weather often makes me wary ('cause hot and humid weather makes me miserable, so warm weather indicates to me a prelude to that), but I did have moments of that sense of there being an alive-ness in the air, and I can see how that's appealing to people.  (Yes I was totally a bit envious when I kept hearing about the Midwest or wherever getting all this snow these past couple weeks.)

There were dark clouds when I left my parents' house, and walking home, I saw rain drops falling ahead of me.  For a bit it actually felt like I was traveling "between" the raindrops.  I puttered on the computer for about a half an hour after I got home, and when I went to the laundromat there was sunny blue sky with white clouds.  When I went to the grocery store while my clothes were in the dryer, it started raining a little bit, and when I walked home it started really raining hard -- I think it really did increase in intensity as I left the parking lot . . . and began petering out even before I got home (so we're talking like three minutes of heavy rain).  Oh summer thunderstorms.

It was so good to see Jessie at Layna's party :)  We cuddle piled on the couch with Cat and Sylvia during Apples to Apples.
    There was some conversation during one of the rounds that kept escalating and at one point Jessie turned to me and asked, "Are you traumatized?" and then remembered that I don't traumatize easily (no that is not an invitation to try).  I said I was mentally taking notes to post to LiveJournal.  I totally don't remember what the content of the conversation was, though.  Can anyone remind me?  [Edit: Thank you, Jessie, for reminding me that it was the conversation which had Peter saying, "I'd spoon Santa," and escalating from there.]
    Anthony was the judge for "Heartless" -- which got a great hand of responses.  I loved that in stating that "Hitler" did not win, he mentioned that it invokes Godwin's Law.  (What ultimately won was "Gallbladder.")
    I don't remember who was the judge for "Creepy," but the Final Two were "Barbed Wire" and "Alfred Hitchcock."  Peter said, "Tetanus or black-and-white films?"
    I gave Rebecca "Refreshing" for "Getting a Hug" and Alexis "Creative" for "Salads" (Alexis also won "Desperate" for "The Titanic").  Jessie won the game by winning "Best."  That was around midnight, and most of the remaining partygoers dispersed -- though it took me a while to make my way out as I'm often an inertia sort of a person, especially when I'm tired.

My alcohol for the night: I had a Raspberry UFO beer which turned out to be a Hefeweizen.  I approve.  (I also had Reisling in a plastic cup.)


via pirateygoodness: Tricia Helfer with William Shatner on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

via friendsfriends [trollprincess]: the sweetest porn story ever -- and if you click on the original entry (the first link goes to the metaquotes entry), it ends:
During the entire month of April, I am blogging for RAINN (Rape And Incest National Network) in support of National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. At least once a week (but probably more often), I'll be posting about sex in some way, shape or form, as part of a contest through the Grassroots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign. While I'm doing this, if you could please donate to RAINN so that they may continue the work that they're doing, I would appreciate it. When doing so, if you would mention "GBBMC:08" and "chowyunsmut" in the "In Honour Of" box, it will help them track my posts and the donations that said posts generate. Yes, I am eligible to win prizes, but really, I'm doing this to raise money for RAINN. Every little bit helps.
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