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Remember when I talked about locking down my journal?  Yeah.  I finally actually started implementing that.  I've been acting like a willfully naive teenager with an invincibility complex (which is ironic, since I'm also highly risk-averse; if I had more psychology background I could probably babble about self-sabotage or something), so I'm finally actually doing what I should have done oh like when I first started working.  I did a quick run-through of the past year's entries, so I'm sure I've left unlocked some stuff which probably should be locked, and of course I still have to do the year and a half prior.  But I feel better now.  (Maybe.)

[Edit: Do I want to just lock all personal entries? *frets* ]

Amusingly, one of the entries I came across in my backtracking had "maybe i should get some curtains installed in this temple of shame".

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:50min
2mi @ 23:45min
2.50mi @ 30min

CNN continues to so often be lame.

They had a thing on gas and dairy prices going up and how that's hurting small businesspeople, and they had live interviews -- a famous key lime pie guy in Brooklyn, NY, and a gas station owner in St. Paul, MN.

Their questions made clear the answers they wanted, and when they didn't get that answer their next question basically restated the answer they wanted in the form of a question.

Gotta love when the guy asked the pie guy, "So what do you say to your customers when they're say, 'You're killing us with these prices'?" and the pie guy basically said, "Um, nobody's really sad that to me; we've got a good product and people understand that dairy prices are up and unfortunately we can't absorb that cost so we have to pass it on to the consumer."

They had a chart which showed that the profit gas station owners make off of gas is constant regardless of the price of gas, but the credit card charge is a percentage (1.75) and so their profit actually drops as gas prices go up (let no one think the gas station owners are raking in the money).  Whereas they make real profit off of the foodstuffs (the gas station woman said that they can mark up the in-store products, especially stuff they make on-site like sandwiches, but with gas they have to stay competitive).  But that was basically the only useful thing I got out of the segment, and they could have easily just showed that chart and asked her why the profit on food was so much greater than the profit on gas and bam we can continue on to actual information.


Way to go there, today's poetry posts.  I feel the need for a "This is my heart bleeding before you" icon for commenting.

* "I'm Glad Your Sickness" by Marina Tsvetaeva (translated by Elaine Feinstein)
* "End of April" by Phillis Levin
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