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"there's still a little bit of you laced with my doubt"

A LOT of people at CHPC complimented my haircut, which was comforting.  (A number of people at CWM did, too.)
I sat down with Rachel, SarahG, and Gusti at Coffee Hour, and Gusti said something like, "Here's the woman with the fabulous haircut."  She and Sarah joked that now they feel like they need to get trendy haircuts, too; Gusti said she was thinking, "I wonder how that cut would look on me."  (Tonight it finally occurred to me that I think the person this haircut has been reminding me of is Rebecca -- the temp hired when Eric left.)
I'm not sure how I feel about the way it's cut/layered in the front, but I do mostly like the side-sweep bangs.

Alex asked how work was going, and I talked about the first year course seems to be going better than last year and how I'm glad about that even though none of my faculty are teaching in that course this year.  He said that meant I didn't have any of the "negative externalities" of stressed out faculty.  Terminology heart :)

Naila had a petition (from a State Rep or something) to oppose a measure to divest from Iran.  I didn't ask what her stance was on divesting from the Sudan.  I did ask Alex (since he's an I.R. person) what he thought about the petition; he said he didn't see anything that would come out of it besides a useless symbolic gesture.

Adult Ed was canceled, so I considered heading over to CAUMC for Coffee Hour after Trelawney's last Sunday as Young Adult Minister, but I stayed at CHPC instead.  Which I felt a bit bad about, especially since Trelawney didn't end up coming to CWM this evening, but CAUMC isn't really my church and I'm obviously going to the last small group with her as Leader (we will be continuing on with other people stepping up to lead in the interim before a replacement is hired, worry not).

Because of Carolyn, I'm now going to Handel's "Solomon" this Saturday at 8pm at Marsh Chapel (BU), which is supposed to be amazing.  Let me know if you want to go -- or if you'd be interested in having dinner with me, since I'm gonna be downtown all day and it's silly for me to go home just to come right back.

Also, we're talking about going out for Fellowship Dinner next Sunday because so many people will be away at GC.  I encourage local people to join us for that -- you're always welcome for Fellowship Dinner even if you didn't come to the worship service, but I figure you'll feel less out of place if you're just meeting us at a restaurant rather than walking into a church building.


58F at 12:45pm?  Again I feel like weather.com lies -- though probably it's mostly the effect of being out in the sun and wearing ankle boots.  (I seriously need to get summer shoes.  I think I want fairly flat shoes, but I want significant soles -- so not so much ballet flats or "mary jane sport" -- since I do a lot of walking and am hard on my shoes, so I suspect I'll end up getting something like the 2.5" espadrille heel.)

via ann1962: http://walkscore.com/
    My current address scores a 68 (out of 100).  My parents' address (where I lived since age 11) scored 58, and the house we lived in before that a 62.  And people wonder why my default is to walk everywhere.  (Obviously it's imperfect -- I'm not sure that all the libraries on nearby Tufts campus are accessible to non-Tufts students, for example, and thus it's potentially disingenuous to include them as neighborhood resources -- but still.)


I started reading remixredux08 (unsystematically -- though I've also begun bookmarking recced stories and remixes of fics by flisters/fics I've already read).  One rec so far:

[XMM] "Down and Out, But Not In Vegas (I Feel It All Remix)" by [anon]. Spoilers through X2.  Original: "Cabbages, Ginger Root and a Crucifix" by thelasteuropean
    I'd never really thought about the Phoenix bubbling up in Jean, but that's the focus of these two fics, and I really like the different takes (Scott in the original, Jean in the Remix) we get on the same story.  The Remix also ratchets up the angst quotient nicely.
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