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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

quiet day today

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:50min
2mi @ 23:51min
2.49mi @ 30min


Morning news included a 7-alarm fire in Philly.  I didn't know the scale went beyond four or five alarms.


I feel like I had such a lazy weekend that I was actually kind of glad to come in to work and Do Stuff.  And I knew there would be stuff that would need taking care of and while it could wait until Tuesday it would make my Tuesday more stressful to be starting off behind.  And yeah, not gonna lie, I also have an ego complex and always feel a little like my portion of the office would fall apart in my absence.  [For those of you who are not local: today's a sort of holiday, and on Friday Prof.B. had said I could take today off if I wanted -- provided I got the okay of the other prof I support.]


I still have mixed feelings about my haircut, but I got another flurry of compliments on it today, which helps.

Greg said there things one says in Hebrew that don't really translate -- one translates as something like "enjoy the newness," for example; and there's one that's like "wear it in good health" but for hair.

Peter said, "The shorter the better."  I said I agreed -- but that I didn't think I would be getting mine cut quite as short as his :)


In class tonight we talked about Social Darwinism, which ended up being a lot about economics -- e.g., Microsoft bundling (you can only run browsers other than IE on a Microsoft OS due to a court ruling? I did not know that), Standard Oil buying up city trolley systems to dismantle them and drive up demand for cars (which the prof pointed out couldn't happen if it were a public utility), the concentration of wealth and the power that gives those wealthy people.  I was going to post thoughts, but apparently I don't so much have thoughts.


Remix rec:
[Good Omens] "Unconscious, as some human lovers are (Sympathetic Resonance)" by [anon].  Original: "Messenger of Sympathies" by vulgarweed, which I read and enjoyed some time back.
    In this Remix, DEATH comes for Percy Bysshe Shelley, and they go visit Shelley's friend "Ezra Fell" and Ezra's acquaintance Crowley.  It's pretty hysterical -- and thoughtful, too.
Tags: fanfic: recs, gym: tv, gymming it up, harvard: ext.: course: western thought, it's the economy (stupid), on language, people: h: greg, people: h: peter

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