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[Saturday] Who runs a surprise 5k?

When we were planning this outing, traces said, "Anyway, this sounds divine!  I'd love to celebrate spring w/swan boats & art shows!!"

I met her at South Station around 11am and we walked to Boston Common and the Public Gardens, wandering around and chatting up a storm and taking pictures (I hadn't actually expected the Public Gardens to be all beautiful yet, which is silly).  When we ended up at the entrance to the Swan Boats, we got in line and this guy came up to me and said, "Elizabeth, right?"  I recognized him but really couldn't place him.  He mentioned he had just recently had lunch with a student in Northampton and I realized he was Peter, the pastor at the church I went to for three years in college.  He and his wife (Jenny! I couldn't remember her name and just now as I was typing this up I remembered) were bringing their grandkid to the Swan Boats.  They were significantly ahead of us in line, so I only spoke briefly with Peter.

Afterward we walked to Copley -- I had a brief moment of, "I do remember how to do this, right?" but we exited right at Newbury Street so that was easy.  We cut over at Trinity Church and I hadn't noticed before the Boston Marathon map thing in the sidewalk.  A unicorn?
We were gonna just get food somewhere on the way to the MFA, but I was getting hungry so I suggested we just to the California Pizza Kitchen at the Pru ... and then I decided that since I couldn't remember really where that was in the Pru that we could just stop at the Chicago Uno we were walking past (on Boylston).  Tracy got a sangria which I had a sip of.

We only had time to spend about an hour at the MFA (since Tracy had to get a 4:30 train back, and it didn't go by Ruggles) but we saw a fair amount of Art in Bloom.  We mostly walked through stuff I'd seen before, but we also saw some of the Antonio López García exhibit.

[You can read her brief writeup of the day here.]

After I dropped Tracy at her train I had an unsuccessful quest for summer shoes at the Downtown Crossing Payless and then headed out to meet Katie for dinner at Brown Sugar Cafe (Thai food) on Comm. Ave. (Babcock St. stop), which I'd heard good things about but had never been to (as I'm so rarely out in that area, especially with time to eat dinner).  I got the Vegetable Pad Thai and was unimpressed, but I ordered fried banana with coconut ice cream for dessert and that was very tasty.

She walked with me to Marsh Chapel (BU Central stop) where I was going to see Carolyn in Handel's "Solomon."  I was too tired to enjoy it properly, but they definitely did a good job.

I hadn't realized BU is on the water until we were walking back to Theology House after the concert.  I was like, "Water!  And the Hyatt I see from the Red Line."  I also hadn't realized just how close so much of the different Green Lines are to each other (apparently having looked at the MBTA GoogleHack before hadn't really stuck) -- even though on Friday Nicki was talking about taking the 66 and I was realizing that it takes you from Harvard Square (Red Line) to literally each of the four Green Lines.

Afterward was STH bar night at Beacon Street Tavern (St. Mary's St. stop on the C line), which for a variety of factors ended up just being Carolyn, her mom, me, and Carolyn's friend Rhoda.
I got an 'Effen' Roy Rogers.  Yeah, I should not get Coke-based drinks, as I'm not a big fan of the taste; I want straight up fruity (or occasionally not fruity, like a martini or something).

Rhoda, who lives in Malden, drove us home, which I appreciated, since we ended up staying at the bar until almost 1am (I'd resigned myself to taking a cab home fairly early on).
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