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The Tracey Fragments (2007) [2008-04-27]

Carolyn and I were still talking when we were leaving evening church, so I walked with her to the T and after her train came I went back out the Holland St. exit and headed home.  As I approached Teele Square I did a double-take because walking past me were fox1013 and jadelennox.  They had just come from having bad pizza (Angelina's) to celebrate the end of Passover and were heading to the Somerville Theatre to see The Tracey Fragments -- because it has Ellen Page (and is directed by Bruce McDonald).  Clearly it was fate that I join them (especially since Amy and I had gone to see the preview screening of the last Ellen Page movie, Juno).  We got ice cream at J. P. Licks (I got the butterscotch sundae because I am easily influenced by marketing and have no shame).  Standing in line, I recognized sweetvalleyslut (wearing a "Girls Gone Wilder" hoodie -- pink on black) amongst the cluster of fangirls directly ahead of us.  At one point a theatre worker walked by and said, "Very Young Girls may step out of line and enter the theatre."  We were like, "Bzuh?"  But as she kept walking she said, "Pass holders for Very Young Girls may..." and we realized what the deal was.  [The Tracey Fragments was being shown as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival.]


The movie itself ... dark and fucked up.  (Oh, and was preceded by the ironically titled short Film Makes Us Happy.)

The man-in-drag shrink bothered me; I wasn't sure what the point of it (er, and as soon as I typed "it" I flashed to the girls' mockery of Tracey) being clearly a man in drag.

I thought of Equus when the horse showed up during the sex scene.

Losing your virginity to this dark and mysterious man ... leads to him turning evil and bringing about the apocalypse, versus leads to your little brother dying ... compare and contrast.  (Rhetorical.)

When the crows flew up around her I thought that's how the film was gonna end since we now understood the "real" linear narrative (more or less).  When she walked by Billy Zero head held high and the water in the background I thought she was gonna walk into the water, a la ancient epic suicides.  When the snow started to fall I realized it was the same sort of thing ('cause if she keeps walking in the snow, especially wearing what little she is she's gonna die).

P.S. promo poster

Edited to add: Fox and JadeLennox have posted interesting stuff.
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