Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Layna came to visit me in my room.

That was lovely.

I have blue curtains freshly washed and hanging in my windows. I have pretty things all over my room, some of which don't even freak her out. :)

I have been to 5 buildings in 2 days and now have a pile of financial aid applications. I e-mailed people at GLAD and SpeakOut about working for them 40 hours a week for 6 weeks this summer before Oxford.

The work seems evenly distributed amongst the members of my Sociology group. A half an hour more work (which will get done after some sleep) and i will be all set with my portion. I have yet to meet with my Poetry group, but i think after a half an hour more work on my part i could do the whole presentation myself. Class time tomorrow today i will actually figure out who is in my group (i know one of the people, but there is another one) and figure out when we can get together before we have to present next Tuesday (which is right before my Soc group presentation).

At some point i will actually work on the four five-page papers i have to write, and the Linguistics assignment which is due Tuesday morning. I will also at some point check my mail because i have sweaters and baked goods coming my way. I will do the various other school-type things i have to do. I will be surprised by things like pizza at work (left over today from some Education Department thing). I will go to Vespers on Sunday and perhaps someone will take me to Bob Franke. I will watch Firefly and Buffy. I will attend various campus events. I won't stress too much, but i will get all my work done and done fairly well. I will sleep "enough" and i will spend time with people who are postive parts of my life. All will be well.

This is my poem of the moment, but i'm not actually as angsty as that and "Linger" might make you think, though, honestly. (And whoever recommended Jonatha Brooke to me, thank you.) I have issues, suffice it to say, but it's not a big deal and i don't feel like talking about it -- at least not right now.

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