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HIMYM 3.17 "The Goat" [2008-04-28]

ohmigod.  First commercial break, and this is already the best episode ever.  Like every line, every moment.

Edit: Wow, I was not expecting that ending (or the coda).

So Robin's living in the apartment one year from now? Not sure how I feel about that.

Also: one jarring continuity moment: Lily totally saw Barney full monty; she doesn't need to ask if he's all smooth down there.

Edit2: But back to the good ... for all that I adored Barney freaking out (barrier!) and the contrast of Robin seeming to embody the "this never happened" and all the high comedy, possibly my favorite sequence was Ted suggesting that Barney belongs in the "things I have no use for anymore" box. I've actually come to love Barney, and I don't think the show is going to get rid of him or change him deeply, but I really like pathos and serious stuff and maturity and --see also the coda after the "These are tears of joy," though that at least is easier for me to articulate why it grabs me because it's about showing Barney's vulnerability and humanity, whereas this is more than that.
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