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Layna said today is Ascension Thursday.

I did ~20min in the weight room this morning, but I think I worked more than I often do.

I was pleasantly surprised by food at lunch today.  The Global Vegetarian was Japanese; I got two spring rolls, two slabs of tofu, and some peanut noodles.  Plus a small container of lentil soup.  I was hesitant about all of them, but they all turned out to be fine.

Cailin's in town for a bit, which is nice.  She ran down the hall late this morning, and hugged me from behind 'cause I was on the phone (to Nicole).

I had agreed to lead group tonight and also provide dinner, so I figured I'd just pick stuff up at Shaw's (Porter Square) on the way rather than go home and back (since it eats up like 15-20min each way), plus I was hoping they would have Prince shells and cheese.  They didn't, but I ended up picking up a whole bunch of food for myself.  I'm really low maintenance (or perhaps more accurately, have really low standards), so the FoodMaster is fine for me, but the big Shaw's really does make the FoodMaster look ghetto.  Being around so much "real" food makes me yet again think about trying to eat like a real person.

As I walked up Elm, SarahG biked past me and called out hi to me.  And then as I got into Davis Square, I saw Layna with her Korean tutor.

I got 9 hours of sleep Tuesday night and 6 hours of sleep last night, and this evening I was definitely fading  I'm v. glad I'll get to sleep in on Saturday.


I checked RMN's GC site last night before I went to bed, but I wasn't up for sifting through all the vote results.

Today, I saw Will's post (posted after I went to bed, I think).  I didn't even really register his slam at GC until I got into the comments, which is unusual for me 'cause I'm usually defensive about that sort of stuff even when I disagree with the side being slammed.  I was really wrapped up in Will's pain, though.

In the comments on Will's post, Becca Clark said:
I guess my biggest question is what is the resistance to language that honestly states "Christians of good faith disagree on the matter of whether or not homosexual practices are sinful"? Clearly we disagree, but time and time again, when glbt persons and their allies offer this language, it is shot down. I can only conclude that those in support of the 40-yr-old wording do not consider us to be "Christians of good faith."

I looked at the RMN GC blog [this post links to a UMNS report, which was jarring because I know the people in that top photo -- two are CWMers and the third looks familiar from Convo last summer.  I looked through some of the flickr galleries later in the day, and some of the same people show up over and over -- familiar faces from Convo, some of whom are CWMers; I also got to see the rainbow stoles closer up: the design is reminiscent of stained glass].

The top post was one in which a person wrote:
When I was in seminary, "friends" advised that things weren't so bad for gay folks. "Just don't tell them you are gay." "You cannot expect change in our lifetime." I was advised not to push for equality. Find a way to survive without opening yourself for mistreatment.

Then to wash their hands of the mess, they would say, "don't martyr yourself".

What is that? All I can do is try to be a faithful disciple. I have benefitted from so many who have gone before me. If other people beat me up, that is their sin, not mine.

"Don't be a martyr"... I guess it made the speaker feel better...

Then I looked up the word... Martyr- it means "witness".
A post a little farther down opened by quoting: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!"
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