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"and you'll drive me crazy with your back seat driving"

~10 hours of sleep = awesome

I did laundry, washed dishes, and ate something resembling real food.  I was okay with this lazy day (I caught up on lj more [if there's anything I haven't responded to, feel free to poke me], managed an email or few, read and feedbacked some more remix fics) until late afternoon when I was feeling fadey (sorry I wasn't very talkative, Megan -- I actually considered asking to phone you 'cause it's so much easier to tell stories that way).  I decided the precarious piles taking over my room were finally bothering me too much and so I dealt with them albeit minimally, which made me feel a bit better.

My copy of Blessid Union of Souls' Home on CD finally arrived today, so per nikitangel's request, here's "End of the World."

Today's mail also brought me my yearly MFA gift membership from my mom.  Yay!

The gas and electric bills also came, so I signed up for e-bill (and also finally went Paperless for my banking) and read a little about the NStar Green program I'd seen in the metro the other day, plus paid the RCN bill and emailed the roomies what they owe me.  (On the to-do list for after the next paycheck comes, ASP 2008-2009 subscription.)
    P.S. May 12, USPS, 1-cent increase for First-Class Mail letters (thanks to Meredith mentioning this at group on Thursday).

Should I go visit my brother in CA (the plan would be a day in San Diego and then some time in L.A. where he's living during his internship) even though we're also doing 10 days in Greece and Italy later in the summer (which planning I totally need to get on top of, btw)?
Tags: apartment: living, planning ahead, postage stamps

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