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HIMYM 3.18 "Rebound Bro" [2008-05-05]

The 5-month/-year drought made me facepalm because hi, even sexy awesome amazing people aren't always getting laid all the time, even if they want to.

I think Stella's onto something with the "Guys regret the women they didn't sleep with; women regret the guys the did sleep with."

Also, I totally validate her reaction to Ted having told Marshall and Lily, but we know that I would totally be Ted in that scenario.  I have literally had friends disclaimer in conversation that I'm not allowed to blog what they're saying.  I sometimes fail at discretion, what can I say?

Part of me feels like Stella doing it with Ted after all undermines all the legitimate things she said and made her just a woman with trust issues, but mostly I was glad that the show didn't do the flat out "comical misunderstanding followed by inevitable breakup, and end scene."  I liked the fake-out that the "ready" was meeting Lucy -- and again I'm conflicted between feeling like the power of that intimacy was undermined by the sex and feeling like, "She is a human being with a libido and she did really wanna do it with him, so why not?"  And I enjoyed that she didn't take him seriously and freak out (as I might have honestly, as I am gullible) when he said "This is kind of awkward; I have a girl over" or when he picked up the phone to call Marshall and Lily (okay that one even I would have known was a joke).

Oh, and I loved the bit about the door (which, btw, hot).
Ted: "It'll be like a threeway: you, me, and the door."
Stella: "Then it'll be awkward between me and the door tomorrow."
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