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"in measured hundred weight and penny pound"

I did ~20+min in the weight room this morning.

At my dentist appointment today (filling), the dentist asked me, "Do you have insurance this week?"  Ha ha.

I'm really blessed, though, that I can afford the expenses incurred by my by own slacking and whatever (my not having bothered to get dental insurance and then ending up needing a root canal, the last-minute nature of my flight bookings for Europe last summer, etc.).

Today, jadelennox linked to this post about healthy privilege and etc.

I am always boggled when I read about people with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or similar, because I do not do well when I am tired, but I have the luxury of choosing to get more sleep.  I am so slow-moving and low-functioning when I'm tired -- and I'm often not highly motivated to push through and accomplish stuff even when I'm at my best -- so I just can't fathom having to push through that feeling every single day, knowing I'm rarely if ever going to get a respite from that.

Last week, JadeLennox herself posted about assumptions that accessibility (software, etc.) isn't an issue for internal audiences.


I was actually going to do a quick writeup of group tonight (Luke 6:27-36, Love Your Enemies & Luke 6:37-38, Judge Not), but then I returned my brother's voicemail and we discussed my going out to visit him in CA, and now I should really go to bed because while it felt much like a Friday today, I do have to go to work tomorrow.
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