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"There are some things I cannot request for Femslash08 because they are het." -Ari

Pride is coming up, and according to the calendar, the parade is Saturday, June 14 this year.  This probably makes my life easier, but why is there no Boston Pride Interfaith Service anywhere during the Boston Pride "Week" of Friday June, 6th - Sunday June 15th?

In other news, I'm unclear as to the difference between "Pride Day at Faneuil Hall" (Saturday June 7th: 10am-5pm) and the Boston Pride Parade (12noon) and subsequent Boston Pride Festival (12noon-6pm: City Hall Plaza, Boston) on Saturday June 14th.


Some attempt at putting the remainder of my spring/summer schedule all in one place:
+ MFA GLBT film festival
+ This coming Sunday, May 18, is Smith College Commencement.  Is it really worth my going?
+ Friday, May 23, is Neil Gaiman and Henry Jenkins at MIT.
+ Friday, May 30, is the last Singspiration of the season.
+ Friday, June 6: King John with Cate (at some point we'll come up with dinner plans)
+ Saturday, June 14, as mentioned, is Boston Pride.
+ I think I'm going to visit my brother in California, June 20-23.
+ I think I'm going to have the party for my (25th!) birthday on Saturday, July 12.
+ I've been invited to Carolyn's wedding, Sunday, August 3, in the middle of nowhere, Michigan, though I doubt I'll go.
+ My brother and I are going to Europe approximately Aug. 11-21 (which planning I have totally failed to work on two weekends in a row).
Tags: boston: pride, boston: pride: interfaith, planning ahead

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