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Damn i love my parental units!

I got my sweaters when i finally went to pick up my mail yesterday. When i went today, my baked goods had arrived. So much more yumminess than i had expected. If you're in the Smith College area and want DELICIOUS baked goods, stop by my room. I make no promises as to how long all this will last, but there's only 2 weeks left in the semester and i'm gonna try to make the goodies last.

Lots of food in my future as well. Christmas party at work on Monday. Russian dinner at 5:30 Monday which i may or may not attend. Bodywise party on Tuesday. Romantics class on Wednesday = party at Pat Skarda's house. Other goodness next week includes a James Tate reading on Tuesday and the one-acts on Wednesday and Thursday. And dude, i keep forgetting that we have no classes next Friday. Last day of classes is Thursday. Oh how i love the end of fall semester, except for all the work.

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