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Last night, walking past the new condo complex on Broadway, thinking about how Prof.D's selling his condo and I'm probably going to have to move out of my apartment, I was feeling like I wanted to buy a condo.  Though as Meredith pointed out tonight, that involves condo fees and negotiating with people you only sort of know/live with, which kind of defeats a lot of the purpose of living alone.  I honestly don't mind living with people, I'm just tired of the stress associated with this revolving door thing.  I should e-mail Cailin about realtors and stuff.  And, y'know, actually have conversations with my current roomies so I have a more solid understanding of what the situation going forward looks like.

My continued (probably unwarranted) anxiety about work had eased a little by the mid-/late-afternoon.

I should get back into the habit of praying more -- like on my morning walk to work like I was doing for a while.

I read and feedbacked some fic today, which made me feel at least mildly productive.

One of them was cesperanza's "A Van, a Plane, a Car, and a Bus" (The West Wing S7 Josh/Donna).  When we were watching the series over lunch at work, I would comment on how Josh and Donna were much like me and Eric.  Reading this fic reminded me a lot of another relationship, and of course I would frequently comment on how similar Eric and Terry were.  So yeah, I seem to have a little bit of a type.  Which makes sense on reflection, though it isn't exactly the type I would have expected had you asked me some years back what I thought my type would be.  And it's interesting thinking about why that type and the good and bad things that can come with that; yay for information going forward.

I did ~25+min in the weight room this morning, including trying out a new machine.  I had scrambled eggs and a banana for breakfast.

Nothing available for lunch was really appealing to me, so I got a large potato leek soup and yogurt with granola -- and ate most of MaryAlice's chocolate crème brûlée.  She only wanted a few bites, and Katie was still working on her own salad and opted to just go get her very own dessert later.

Ranjan had Panda Puffs (a peanut butter puffed corn cereal) for lunch and asked if any of us wanted some.
I quipped: "Is it made with real live pandas?"  (I have so turned into my dad.  I totally do the "made with real Girl Scouts" thing every time.)
Ranjan: "No, they're dead."

We were talking about baseball over lunch, and MaryAlice mentioned Dice-K, and Katie mentioned that they share a birthday.
MaryAlice: "You're September..."
Katie: "13th."
MaryAlice (to me): "And you're the 9th of July."
me: "Yes.  I'm impressed."
MaryAlice: "And you want Prince Shells and... Cheese for your birthday."  [We were talking about this earlier, before Katie joined us -- I was saying I was sad I haven't been able to find Prince Shells & Cheese (MaryAlice thought it was "Shells and Cheddar," but I was fairly certain it's "Shells and Cheese") in supermarkets, and how my parents had gotten me a few boxes for Christmas.]
Katie: "You are?  What am I getting you?  We can't split that."
MaryAlice: "We can get her a case."
Katie: "They're like 39 cents a box."
me: "I know.  I'm like the cheapest date -- I mean birthday girl -- ever."

Oh, and earlier, MaryAlice and Katie were talking about Top Chef and Katie said of someone, "he's such a... dink," and I said, "I have't heard that word in forever" (and made a ♥ with my hands over my heart) and she said, "Neither have I."

The invitations for the post-Commencement celebratory free lunch and afternoon off came in this afternoon's mail.  I had totally forgotten about that.


Per my last entry, my mom commented:
I was thinking there's a broader word than "butch" for doing hard things. And was reminded that when you were wee, Aunt Marian reminded your grandparents to include "tough" in the words describing you. That we wanted you to believe you were tough as well as adorable. I certainly don't think you are a hard person, but tough enough.

off of friendsfriends: ALLURE tells you how to take a shower.  I was, um, dying laughing reading some of the comments.
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