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I don't even know what day today felt like.

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:22min
2mi @ 22:51min
2.60mi @ 30min

There were no major stressors at work, for which I was grateful.  (I restrained myself from checking my e-mail over the weekend, which probably kept my anxiety on an even keel.)

Good things about today:
* Ben volunteered to help select the menu for Friday's event and it looks like we've gotten that all squared away nicely.
* I have "magic touch" Microsoft conversion skillz.
* Ranjan gave me a box of handcrafted artisan chocolate (Moonstruck Chocolatier) as a thank you for my help with Recruiting.

I stopped at Tags on the way home to pick up some stuff for the apartment since OriginalRoomie's moving and taking some stuff with her and dude... I never did the full home furnishings quest since I was moving into a place people already lived, but I was really surprised and impressed at how much stuff they have.  Note to self.

(Sidestory: Greg went to IKEA yesterday -- since apparently that's what people do with their Memorial Day holiday -- and got a couple bookshelves.  He was proud of himself for literally thinking outside the box to get them up the stairs: he opened the boxes and brought them up shelf by shelf.)

As I was walking up Holland St. it started to rain -- just enough that I could tell it was rain and not the wind blowing droplets off the tree leaves.  After I'd passed the Teele Square intersection it started raining more heavily which of course I was thrilled by.  Then it started coming down heavily enough for me to feel uncomfortable, so I actually put my umbrella up -- and by the time I got to the gas station it had stopped.

OriginalRoomie's mom went into my room while I was out and closed my windows 'cause of the rain, which is kind of sweet though my father will attest that I insisted on his leaving my bedroom windows open even when the rain was literally blowing onto my bed.
I don't like other people seeing my current bedroom, because it's such a disaster... which leads to interesting thinky thoughts about performativity and trusting people.

Later, she knocked on my door 'cause a broker was showing the apartment to a woman (which OR's mom seemed wicked almost flustered by and I was like: chill, the landlord told me he'd be showing the place to brokers and stuff and even if this were total news to me, it's not your problem).  I was happy to talk to the woman, but zomg, would OR's mom stop talking?  Yes you told us already that OR doesn't have a car so when you visit you get a rental and you coordinate with the gals downstairs about driveway usage and do a "flip flop" when necessary -- and good grief, you'd think she was trying to sell the place, volunteering information like the laundromat nearby and stuff.  (Not that I'm trying to not-sell the woman on the place, since I'm fairly certain I'll be moving out, so I don't have a vested interest and I like being nice and helpful.  But if I were visiting someone and another person came to check out at the apartment I would just stay out of the way.)  Hey mom, think we could arrange for her to call grandma every day? ;)

musesfool busted out her iPod oracle.  I got:
With the way that you left me
I can hardly contain
The hurt and the anger
And the joy of the pain

Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze
victoria goes, "Um. Sorry?"  Honestly?  I had cracked up laughing when I read it.  I mean, okay, my question was about what the future was going to look like re: a particular relationship, so that's kind of depressing, but still, it is rather fitting.
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