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I keep thinking tomorrow is Friday.

I did ~25min in the weight room this morning.

I called Cailin's realtor (left him a voicemail).  I will probably send a followup e-mail tomorrow.

I put up a new shower curtain in the bathroom -- against the wall, so I was standing on the edge of the tub 'cause I'm a shortie.  I felt very accomplished when I was done.

paper_crystals is planning a picnic for her birthday the same Saturday I was planning a house party for my 25th bday (July 12).

I'm gonna be in San Diego for an afternoon and Los Angeles for a weekend visiting my brother in late June.  Any suggestions for places to see, things to do, etc.?


I went to the free lunch NEG debrief today -- in part because I figure I'm gonna be involved in the course next year more likely than not, so it would probably make sense, and in part because hi, all my lunch people will be at this meeting so who else am I gonna eat with?  (It was Nicki soliciting feedback on the course from the FA's.)

We were talking about Learning Teams and how they're set up, and Kyle said something about mixing together the Oklahoma Sooners with the Yale Bulldogs, and MaryAlice perked up (she loves bulldogs) and asked if that was really the Yale mascot.  He said yeah, that and the "Elis."  Someone asked what that referenced, and Kyle said, "Elijah?"  I said that beat out my alma mater's history of Virgins, Unicorns, and Pioneers.

Of course after I got back to my desk I did research.

According to Wikipedia, the nickname "Elis" is from Elihu Yale, "the first benefactor and namesake of Yale University."  And yes, they really do have a bulldog mascot.

Also according to Wikipedia, Smith College: "NCAA athletic teams […] selected Pioneers as the official name and mascot in 1986. Popular club sports are free to choose their own colors and mascot"

And no, I was not kidding about the Unicorn
- "New Mascot: I Say 'Smith,' You Say 'Rocks' " -AcaMedia: News for the Smith College Community (February 1, 2001)
- "O Pioneers! Fate of Smith Mascot in Jeopardy" (Erin Quinn, 10/25/07 Section: Sports) Smith Sophian

I e-mailed this information (of course) and Kyle replied:
Nice, nice….the unicorn idea will give me endless reason for happiness today, and all other times I consider mascots, or mythical beasts entering the world of intercollegiate sports :)

** thank you…..should have known not 'eli', like the Prophet…… "elihu" – surely a name of boundless robustness.
So then of course I looked up whether "Elihu" is just a variant on "Elijah."
The boy's name Elihu \e-li-hu\ is pronounced ee-LYE-hew.and its meaning is "my God is He". Biblical: a young man whose fiery defense of God's righteousness is written of in the Book of Job.

For more information, see also the related name Elijah.


[Elihu shows up in Chapter 32 of Job, if you're interested.]


CHPC Book Group got canceled tonight (Karl just returned from Rome and was exhausted), so I got to have more time with Jonah.

We went to Namaskar (will do Mr. Crepe next time) for dinner.  I am not used to looking at a menu and having so many appealing options.  I ultimately got the Saag Paneer.  And ice cream for dessert.

Among other things, we talked about modern lit and how "book club books" are looked down on.  Amy, I immediately thought of you and YA lit and reality tv.  In talking about ya lit, we (by which I mostly mean "I") mentioned: Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson), Empress of the World (Sara Ryan), Hard Love (Ellen Witlinger), and Chris Crutcher (specifically Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes).

We walked to Porter and outside the T station, Nicki saw us.  Whee!  I ended up T-ing with Jonah all the way back to Forest Hills (where he picked up the 34E to go home).  I sort of wished I'd had The Economist on me to read on the way home.
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