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How did it get so late?


elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:30min
2mi @ 23:10?min
2.57mi @ 30min

Kathleen came in and said: Now tell me the truth, would you really prefer it to be 30 degrees and snowing?  (9:45am, weather.com said 66F.)
I asked: For today or forever?  Later in the conversation she said what about 3/4 one, 1/4 the other.  It's a difficult question, honestly.  I do really like a lot of spring (and autumn) weather, including a lot of what gets considered "perfect" by the average person -- and if it were that kind of weather all the time, I'd have to listen to a lot less complaining about the weather -- but I'm attached to this four seasons thing (though if summer wanted to mellow out and never go above 80, I would not complain).

The FA's went to wagamama for lunch for Kyle's last day.  Prof.B asked me to take minutes at the Unit strategy meeting, so since I am not a huge fan of wagamama, I agreed (though I did feel a little bad at blowing off Kyle).  Taking minutes is hard.  It's inefficient to write down everything everyone said, but it's not always intuitive at the time what stuff is relevant.  And not having the background that everyone else present does, there were a few times I probably should have asked for clarification so that my jottings made more sense for when I had to type them up later.


I did ~25 min in the weight room.

Last Singspiration of the (tenth!) season. 
     When I walked in, JoeF. saw me and I think he did say something like "Hi, good to see you," before he said, "offertory."  I was like, "Yeah, sure."  He said MikeF. wasn't there, so I could do the count with ScottE. (I was like, "Okay, do I know who that is?") and said we could count the money after the program, that we didn't have to do it right after the offering and thus miss a large chunk of the program as Mike and I usually do.  I just sort of shrugged.  Ultimately, ScottE. borrowed the keys to the office from Georgia and we dumped all the money out of the plates into the bag and locked it in the office.  Near the end of the program, ScottE. asked me to go count the money, and I almost said, "But then I'll miss singing 'Amazing Grace' with John and Don" -- we always close the program by singing "Amazing Grace," and since I've taken to standing in the back with MikeF., JohnP., and DonT., we usually do this group-hug singing thing.

I mind "The Old Rugged Cross" less I think just because we do it every time.  And at least it has a good tune.  Some of the hymns that people request were so awkward to sing.  And there was one ("Jesus Is Coming Again") which refrain felt like a waltz.  I could also do with less blood imagery.  It can be totally powerful and I respect that, but sometimes it's just weird and creepy.
     Early in the program, someone called out a number and JeffC. actually said, "I didn't call on you" and moved on to call on someone else.  The number the person had requested was "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," which I wouldn't have minded singing, but I totally support negative reinforcement for out-of-turn behavior.
     JeffC. had us sing "God Bless America" at the beginning of the program (which isn't in the hymnal... which explains why he didn't call out a number).  I braced myself for a thematic evening, but actually the only other one we did was PB did "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," which I actually quite like -- though from Wee Sing America I always expect the "In the beauty of the lilies..." verse to be much slower and softer than the other verses.  (And even the Celebration Hymnal has "let us live to make men free.")

I got a toy surprise flowers.  They gave out flowers to lots of the consistent helpers (and mugs to the guys, which irked me; I feel like mugs are just "Here's a token of our appreciation," but flowers make you feel special... Okay, as my dad points out, flowers are basically tokens, too -- and these weren't super-nice flowers, hence I felt no need to try to bring them home with me, and the mugs were nice thematic "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" classy understated looking, though does anyone have a shortage of mugs in their possession? -- but still.)
     JoeF. had me and ScottC. come up (and mentioned MikeF. in absentia) and talked about the behind the scenes stuff like counting the money and said there were a million things I could be doing with people my own age on a Friday night, but instead I'm here.  True story.  I skipped a CAUMC Game Night this time to come.

At one point during the program I was rubbing JohnP.'s neck and back with one hand and he said, "What are you doing at Harvard?  You should be a masseuse."
I massaged JoeF.'s back during fellowship afterward during a brief time when he was actually sitting down in the kitchen.  He said, "Thank you, that felt good," which made me glad.

After we got home, my mom and I were talking about my apartment situation, and she talked about the first apartment she lived in with my dad after they got married, and somehow she told the story of wanting to put me (who was under a year old when they lived there) in a Moses basket in the tree outside the window... and shut the window.  I loved the contrast of this with the story I often talk about of her holding me closer when I was a puking child (to comfort me), rather than holding me away from her since I was gross.  She said parenthood is complicated :)


I walked over to the library around noon, and it was warmed than I'd expected.  I chatted with Joanne for about a half an hour and then Terry and I went and got lunch down by the airport.  (Taso's -- much busier than when I went with my parents six weeks ago.)  When we left, the sky was greyer, and I just knew a storm was coming.  And indeed, there was a (brief) downpour not long after.

When I got back to Somerville, though, there was no evidence that it had rained, and it felt so humd (weather.com 4:45pm: 65F, 87% humidity, dewpoint 61F).  There is so much I need to do, and humid warmth just sucks any desire to do anything (especially any physical exertion) right out of me; this does not bode well for the summer.  (paper_crystals, I thought of you, since we are such polar opposites in this.)

Around 8 (maybe earlier) it was cooling off and breezy.  8:18pm I thought I heard thunder, and soon after I could hear from the sound of the cars driving that the ground was wet, and I could smell the rain (which I love).

I did laundry shortly after getting home, and while it was going I replaced the exterior shower curtain.  Undoing all the rings on the curtain that was already up was quite an effort.  I also found that they were dusty, which surprised me, so I took a wet paper towel to them.  I ended up accidentally bringing down the curtain rod, so I just took all the rings off and washed them.  Thankfully the rod went back up easily.

One thing OriginalRoomie appears to have taken with her which I wasn't expecting was the dish drainer.  (I was surprised she didn't take her toaster.)  I was tired, though, so after I did laundry, rather than walk/bus to Tags/Target/Sears, I did some work on GoodReads and ripped CDs.  I need to procure one tomorrow, though.

The house echoes so much more without all this other stuff in it, though in some ways it's less empty than I'd expected.
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