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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

That I'm going back to work tomorrow feels somewhat surreal.

I skipped the CHPC potluck to go buy a dish drainer.  I was pleased that Tags had exactly what I was looking for, so I didn't have to bus further out.  I got to see Jason Y. (who lives off of Cameron) and Kathleen K. again.  (When I went to Tags on Thursday, as soon as I left I remembered I'd forgotten something, so I ended up having two visits with the salespeople.)  I totally stripped off my clothes when I got home, though, 'cause I was all sweaty.  It was 77F at 9:45am.  I dunno how warm it was at like 12:30-1:30 when I was out.  I hung out topless in my apartment for a while ('cause no one else was home) which was nice.

While looking for a pair of earrings (which I didn't find, though I found two other pairs I'd forgotten I had) I found a bottle of sunscreen I'd forgotten I'd bought.

It's so much lighter in the house with the semi-opaque shower curtain (as opposed to the wholly opaque previous one).  And it would probably less echoey if I actually shut the door to OriginalRoomie's bedroom.

Mark (my landlord) came by this afternoon.  He re-rented the place for August 1, so I officially have to find a new place to live.  *waves at God*  I'm going to see an awesome place Monday night (it's a 4BR, one of the housemates is moving out -- I'm happy to live with other people, I just don't really want a revolving door redux).  And Cailin's in town tomorrow, so mayhap I can pester her about her realtor.  (I should also ask Carolyn if she used a realtor.)  I have two months, so I feel like this is doable.

Mark M. [CWM] has decided I'm a film buff (he saw me at one of the MFA GLBT film fest films and learned that I went to 8/24 of the festival films) and he wants to show GLBT films (documentaries) at CWM and asked me if I would be interested in co-presenting and helping to lead discussion.  I said sure.  I think trying to come up with questions to spur/guide discussion will be a good challenge for me.

The Scripture reading at CWM tonight was Luke 15:1-2,11-32.  Tiffany talked about how the Pharisees and the scribes wouldn't have a problem with Jesus hanging out with sinners if it weren't for the fact that his purpose in doing so doesn't seem to be calling them to repentance.  She pointed out that in the Prodigal Child story, the parent rushes out to welcome before/without ever knowing if the child is sorry.  She said that forgiveness and love are offered before repentance, that forgiveness is not the end goal: transformation is the end goal; forgiveness only matters to the extent to which we allow it to transform us.

On her album Legacy: Hymns & Faith, Amy Grant does "Marching to Zion" with bagpipes.  Christians use "Zion" metaphorically, and they're pretty bagpipes, so it works for me.
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