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"Oh, silent, I the hunter, til the answers clear"

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:31min
2mi @ 22:53min
2.61mi @ 30min

I seem to have lost my earbuds.  I remember sticking them in my bag on Friday and thinking, "Wait, I'm doing weight room today, so I don't need these, oh whatever."  And now I can't find them.


Good things about today:

I can has librarian status (on GoodReads).

Ava facebook messaged me: "hey girl. so, i'm kind of in a really crummy mood riht now, so i'm not going to write much; but i did want to say how proud i am of you. you have just grown into this amazing woman who does so muich and is in such control of her life and it's just so wonderful to see. it sounds like you have the most amazing summer planned and i'm sending all my positive energy and love and prayers to make sure it's the best it could ever be. i hope we can hang out before you go, but, it seems to always be tricky for me to get together with people and you seem especially busy. well, i love you very muhc and miss you and just wanted you to know how i think of you and keep you in my prayers, etc. and it reminds me that as long as i keep pluggin' away, that i'll be in the position you are soon. happy and on my way to italy. haha, well hopefully next year it will be sweden, finland and norway, but same idea, right?"

JoeF. + my mom = win

Amy's post (and associated YouTube clip) about Barney and Robin from HIMYM and Lex from Smallville.

My department cracks me up.

I had feared it was gonna be grossly hot today, but it was actually really nice out at lunchtime.  (We ate inside anyway, but still.)  Supposedly it was 79F at 5:45pm, but it felt far nicer than it did yesterday afternoon.

I did work for Prof.D., which took less time than expected, and when I sent him the results, he replied:
[his initials]
On Cailin's suggestion, I looked on HRES for further housing search (and she said she would talk to Mike and Leslie about their apartment).
She was asking me my financial constraints ("Can I ask you a semi-personal question?  And feel free not to answer.") and I was like, "I can tell you what I get per paycheck 'cause it shows up on my bank statement, but I honestly don't remember what my official salary is," so I pulled out the salary calculator (Excel spreadsheet -- which they sent out back in mid-March, but whatever).  5.19% salary increase (as of July 1).

Introducing me to a friend of hers, Cate said, "Elizabeth is a friend from my Smith days.  She is an avid reader and writer, has a strong interest in all things fanish, and is a student of popular culture."

I got to leave work with Katie (a rare occurrence).

I haven't been on Y!M much recently 'cause I've been busy, but I was on tonight and had nice easy chat with mjules.


I'm dithering about the apartment I saw tonight.  I was really excited about it going in, and I want to like it.  It has laundry in the basement, the three housemates are all working women who probably won't be moving any time soon, it's fully furnished and there's a tv with dvd + vcr + cable in the living room, and there's a guest room and a breakfast porch...  They steal wireless internet (can I even do that with a desktop computer?).  The bedroom is small, but it would be really good for me to purge these boxes I've barely even touched in the past two years.  I still feel like the bedroom would be small, though.  They've got a lot of storage space (many closets, plus a basement) but I feel like just in terms of fitting a bed/dresser/desk/bookcases/etc. it would be kind of cramped.  Though it's not like I need a lot of space -- I mean, witness my dorm room my last three years at college.  I feel like I wouldn't fit with the people, like they're too "normal."  But I'm hardly ever home, so would it really matter?  The whole place looks like actual grownups live there -- nice furnishings and all -- but that's a good thing, right?  I don't want to take it, but I worry that I'm shooting myself in the foot -- like am I gonna find anything even nearly as nice for such an affordable price?  Going in, I had thought it would be awesome and surely I wouldn't get it, but now I suspect I could probably get it but I don't want it.  And I'm trying to convince myself to take it -- but I also don't want to go against that almost gut feeling... 'cause it's not fair to anyone for me to up and leave after a year, and I want to be happy where I'm living (which brings me back to worries that I won't find anything even nearly as good).  And they want an answer Wednesday at the latest.
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