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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

in which i continue to fail to get to bed at a reasonable hour

I left my house around 7:25am, and when I got to the gym about 40 minutes later I was already warm and sticky.  This does not bode well for the summer -- nor does it inspire me to work out.  (Lunchtime was fine to eat outside, though -- and I was actually okay doing an errand across the River around 2:30.)  I did do ~20min in the weight room, though.

My hair is driving me crazy.  It's actually been just over six weeks since I last got it cut, so I suppose that makes sense.  So I called this morning and made an appointment for next Tuesday evening at Salon Cu.

I signed in to facebook this morning to check something, and Joe chat messaged me -- with suggestions of places I need to go in L.A. :)  It was good to hear from him.

Ben continues to be great.  And I was actually able to grab Prof.B. for more stuff than I was necessarily expecting, so that's a win.

I saw Iron Man with CAUMC people tonight.  Will write that up tomorrow.

On the way home, Seth was saying his brother had given him Pride and Prejudice (the book).  Apparently Trelawney puts the BBC miniseries on to fall asleep to, so she and Eric have both seen it a billion times.  Eric hasn't read the book, though.  I said, "But you've seen the movie like a hundred times, you don't need to read the book."  And then I realized what I'd said.  Yeah, _I_ just said, "You don't need to read the book because you've seen the movie."  It's because I'm not really a fan of Pride and Prejudice so I'm like, "But why you would you put yourself through that yet again?"


at First Congregational Church of Somerville:
Rest and Bread
a service of prayer and communion
Wednesdays, 6:15-6:45 PM
Music for mediation at 6:00
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