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BtVS 8.15

Wolves at the Gate, Part 4

Renee :(

Dracula says he stop the horde of vampires, but he needs Willow.
Buffy insists, "I'm not leaving--I can't leave Xander alone!"
and Dracula gets special font and says, "He's not alone."
Okay, probably some of it is that he's like, "Dude, I'm a badass, I can keep him protected," but there's also some love there.

Kumiko Ishihara (daughter of Kazuo) to WIllow: "Did you think you were Saga Vasuki's only student?"

"Darling Willow. // Did you think I could not find you? // Did you think you could hide from what you are? // Or what's to come?"
Nice echo of "Restless"/"Buffy vs. Dracula."

Aww, whasshername... the blonde Slayer, says "We have to fall back! / There are too many of them!" and giant!Dawn shows up, saying, "We don't run. // "Let's go ladies! / We're taking that building!""

mecha Dawn ... and Raidon (?) says, "Well there's something you don't see every day." Is that meant to imply that the mecha Dawn is someone else's doing?

Willow's protest-too-much about how she never wanted to sleep with Buffy is cute, though much more of this and it'll get grating. (Ari, I thought of you at the Judi Dench line.)

mecha: "I am a teenage girl." (Nice font, btw.)
Dawn: "Then why do you have a tail?"

Dawn: "What are you talking about? How do you know all this?"
Andrew: "Hi. Have you met me? // My giant-sized teammate is fighting a mechanized version of herself on the streets of downtown Tokyo... // I've been preparing for this day my entire life!"

I like that "I often let boys take advantage of my weak emotional states," is what gets her to finally rip its head off.

vampire: "I bet you taste sweet, Slayer."
Satsu: "You have no idea. // I can't believe I just said that out loud."

Dracula: "Witch! I'll take my sword back now."
Raidon: "Just like an old man. / He needs his cane to stand. // He doesn't know what do do with himself now that he's an ordinary vampire again. / Like the rest of us."
Dracula: "My boy... // I was never an ordinary vampire. // Or did you forget who I used to be? // I've killed more men than God's plagues combined. // And that was before I started eating people for fun. // The fields of Europe used to stream with the blood of my enemies. / Trust me... // The vampire's the least of your concerns. / It's the old man you need to worry about."

I'd honestly forgotten who Dracula used to be and it took a few rereads before I remembered, "Oh yeah, Vlad the Impaler."

Raidon: "Then do it / Finish me. // You can't leave me like this... / You owe me that honor."
Dracula: "It's not my place to kill you... // And you know nothing about honor."

That panel between taking the sword and killing Raidon, Xander looks so sad.

"Leah to Command. They're rabbitting. The vamps... / They're running away."
And Buffy looks so weary. "So chase them. // No prisoners. / Seal off the streets. / Cut them down as they flee. // Kill every single one of them."
And in the last panel on the page, as two young Slayers bust off, we see in the background, Xander has finished putting down the sword, and he kneels in front of Buffy, hugging her, probably weeping, as Dracula stands silently behind her.
And one of the girls (Satsu?) says, "You heard her, Girls! "Go go go! / Not one leaves. / Not one..." and after the page turn, over an empty scene, "Nobody gets out of here alive."

Writing this up now I'm nearly crying.

I like that Dracula came... "My ship is in port. // Would you like assistance with your little ceremony before I take my leave?"
Xander: "No, thank you. / I'd like to do this by myself."
Dracula: ""Very well. / Goodbye, manservant."
Xander: "Hey, Dracula..." [pageturn] "If you call me 'manservant' again... / I'll kill you in your sleep."
Dracula: "Hm. // Perhaps you are right. / Something like 'lackey' or 'minion' then."
Xander: "Absolutely not."
Dracula: " 'Houseboy'?"
Xander: "Still getting killed."

And at the bottom of the page, Satsu says to Buffy: "I thought we'd wake up and everything would be fine. / But everything's not fine."

She goes on to say: "I'm in love with you. / And I need to not be. / And that's never gonna happen when you're right in front of me."

So Satsu asks to stay in Japan.

Because Scooby love interests never get to stick around. At least Satsu gets to stay alive. (I'm still bothered by Renee getting killed, though I understand the narrative reasoning for it.)

Satsu: "I won't let you down."
Buffy: "I know you won't. // I just hope... / I just hope I didn't hurt you."
Satsu: "Nam. I'm tough. / And for what it's worth... // It was one of the best nights of my life."
Buffy: "Mine too."

And so they have one last night together.

It's an interesting montage of panels under the voiceover on that last page...
"My Lord, the crew would like to retire below. Unless, of course, you'll be requiring further assistance this evening."
Dracula: "No, captain, that won't be necessary...
[as Willow calls the green spirit] "We have a cold journey ahead of us...
[as Buffy and Satsu get sexin'] "Find what warmth you can for now..."
[as Dracula dumps out the urn of ashes] "And I'll stand watch alone."
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