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When I saw YahooNews last night, part of me was relieved that we're that much closer to the end of the process.  But Clinton hasn't officially conceded yet (I'm actually fine with giving her a few days before she does so), and then there'll be the VP hunt... and really I would like to be able to just discuss the differences on substantive issues between the people who'll actually be on the ballot in November.


Yesterday, MaryAlice said, "I just don't understand why anyone would want four more years of what we've had."  I miss being That Girl who would have a good answer for that.  And really, I should use some of my free time this summer to get back into keeping myself informed on this shit.  (I've been generally failing at being productive on all fronts.)

She said Obama's actually less liberal than Clinton on some things -- like Clinton's health care program would mandate that everyone get coverage.  That level of intrusion into how people run their lives (mandating) makes me uncomfortable.


Yesterday, via InstaPundit I read Victor David Hanson, who advises: "Rule One for Obama's campaign: Don't let Obama rush to the defense of any dubious character in his past, since he inevitably will have to disown him sooner or later. The impression that Obama inevitably changes his storyline (while a Wright or Pfleger remains absolutely predictable and consistent) is beginning to tire the American people."

I do agree that Obama's "I can no more disown Pastor Wright than I can disown my white grandmother -- actually, no, totally disowning him now," is troublesome.

Oh, and fwiw, I think most people's opposition to Obama is because of his perceived inexperience and/or the fact that he is perceived as being so far Left [edit: and/or the perception that he has no/few policy/ideas of substance], not his race.


Today, Ann Althouse said:
I went to bed last night thinking there's no way Barack Obama should pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

But I woke up this morning, turned on the TV news to see a rerun of her speech from last night and thought: He must pick her!
I've seen other people on LJ suggest that he should pick a woman for VP though not necessarily Clinton.  (fwiw, I basically agree with all the rational arguments for why an Obama/Clinton ticket would be a bad idea.)

Somewhat relatedly, ann1962 commented, "I get the feeling that asking a woman to just fade into the draperies quietly is something men have been asking women to do for too many years to count. Going out quietly, patting her on the head for her accomplishments, good little girl, so the men can get on with their game, is not something she should be expected to do. We wanted change I thought."


On a flocked post recently I read the following exchange:

so many Clinton supporters have been downright nasty to Obama and his supporters that it has made me very angry at her and wary of some of her supporters who just lash out at Obama supporters with words that make it clear that they do not respect us.
Commenter #2:
I could say nearly the exact same thing: so many Obama supporters have been downright nasty to Clinton and her supporters that it has made me ... wary of some of his supporters who just lash out at Clinton supporters with words that make it clear that they do not respect us.

Somehow, seeing it like that, your words and mine back to back, the same feelings even, it makes the awfulness of this election season so far really sink in, doesn't i? Shouldn't one of us be feeling good? But we aren't, and we're both giving the same reasons for not, so maybe the problem in the party right now isn't Obama supporters or Clinton supporters, it's something else.

Food for thought? I don't know. I'm smarting over being insulted for months and you seem to be to. I'd like it if we could all not feel that way but with other people out there spewing vitriol as representatives of a group it's really hard.
I think that really sums up how sad this is: "Shouldn't one of us be feeling good?"  And if only more people took this to heart: "But we aren't, and we're both giving the same reasons for not, so maybe the problem in the party right now isn't Obama supporters or Clinton supporters, it's something else."
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