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And tomorrow kicks of Pride Week with the ecumenical pride (with bonus eco-justice?) service at CWM.

[CWM] Mark M.'s schedule of queer educational film goes as follows:
  1. Before Stonewall – An honest depiction of the earliest, yet neglected, history of gay life in America. 1986 Emmy Award Winner.
  2. After Stonewall – Returns to where Before Stonewall left off, examining how the movement has expanded from activists on the fringe to a world wide movement.
  3. Fish Can’t Fly – forerunner to For The Bible Tells Me So about the danger of ex-gay ministries.
  4. For The Bible Tells Me So – how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community.
  5. Call Me Malcolm – transgender seminary student Malcolm Himschoot’s journey with faith, love, and gender identity.
  6. Normal – HBO feature on transgender and religious issues rated “Truly Extraordinary” by People Magazine and “Outstanding” by USA Today.
  7. Uncommon Grace – An Evening with Gene Robinson - first gay man elected to the episcopate on the world-wide Anglican communion.
  8. The Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry – promotional DVD for pastoral degrees in LGBT Studies
  9. A Conversation with Brian McNaught On Being Gay – Guided imagery exercise designed to help allies know what it is like growing up gay and a discussion of what the bible really says about homosexuality. Can be presented in 2 parts.
Note: the above order comprises a logical sequence of themed pairs; namely, weeks 1 & 2 history, weeks 3 & 4 religious inequality, weeks 5 & 6 transgender issues, weeks 7 & 8 reclaiming religion for LGBT people, and weeks 9 & 10 education.

Tiffany said: "I realized that we had already seen For the Bible Tells Me So at CWM and was wondering if we could substitute a film about transgender folks...maybe Call Me Malcolm or the Vagina Monologues that we had seen a clip of with Sean."

Mark said:
This is fine with me - actually I'd go for Vagina Monologues over Call Me Malcolm because I have not seen it before. [...]

Personally, I would love to see a trans film in place of For The Bible Tells Me So because it speaks to a wider audience and perhaps the inequality issues are much greater.

I do not have Vagina Monologues. Does somebody have it? And Sean what film would you like to see? I do have an excellent one call Normal which was an HBO production. It's long 2 hours - but for those who take the time - I am sure they will like it. We can certainly preview it too.
I pointed out that the Vagina Monologues film was Beautiful Daughters on LOGO.  (And for my reference: links for Call Me Malcolm and Normal.  And I still haven't seen TransGeneration or Transamerica... Sigh.)

Sean said:
I'd suggest the documentary "Boy I Am." I've pasted a brief description at the bottom of this email, and this is the website:

It's a documentary, about 75 mins long. Downside: it would cost us $89 to buy it, but I imagine there's a way we could make that happen. Here's a few reasons why I suggest it's worth it:

1. it takes us far beyond trans 101, which we're obviously ready to do
2. it puts trans identities into the contexts of gender & sexism
3. it covers a broad range of viewpoints, making it more likely for people to share how they really feel, rather than what they think the "right" answer is
4. it definitely is likely to spark a lot of good conversation
5. it gets to the heart of some of the dis/connections between GLB and T folk

Check it out, and let me know what you think
        - Sean

Film description:
Tackling the resistance of some women in feminist and lesbian communities who view FTM transitioning as at best a "trend" or at worst an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege, this groundbreaking film opens up a dialog between the lesbian, feminist, and transgender communities while also promoting understanding of transgender issues for general audiences.  In the course of the film, three young transitioning FTMs in New York City- Nicco, Norie and Keegan- go through major junctures in their transitions, discussing everything from their relationships with their bodies, feminism, and the intersection of race and class with their transgender identity. Their stories are interspersed with interviews with lesbians, activists and theorists who engage with the often-contentious questions and issues that are raised within the queer and feminist communities but are rarely discussed openly.
I am super-excited about Boy I Am.

As we began discussing trans films, I thought about how we don't really deal with race. (Ari, this was even before I saw your CoC entry.)  I thought of black./womyn.:conversations with lesbians of African descent from this year's MFA festival, but other than that I can't think of anything that specifically deals with the intersection of race and sexuality (or anything that deals with intersections of race and Christianity), nor do I really know how to go about looking for such films/documentaries.

Speaking of lists of queer films... silviakundera posted: "This is an collection of mini-summaries of various gay flicks I have seen at one point or another. Some may be more of a vague memory, others are fresh. Each movie will be clearly marked as having a happily-ever-after ending or not. And I am certainly not promising that all films listed are GOOD films. Just gay ones."


There is a new announcement in news

The Purple Rhino Charity V-Gift
An extra-special LiveJournal v-gift comes rustling through the brush this month. Join us in welcoming back the Purple Rhino, an early, forgotten symbol of the gay rights movement. Proceeds will benefit Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG), a 200,000-strong support network with over 500 affiliates, dedicated to helping create a society in which all GLBT persons can safely and comfortably participate in the institutions of family, school, employment and faith.


Thursday night my mom e-mailed me:
Subject: I spend too much time in your head space

I saw this headline on Yahoo:
"Gates ousts Air Force leaders in historic shake-up"
which I read as
"Gates outs Air Force leaders in historic shake-up".

I was confused until I realized my error.
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