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I could say something about it being too hot to think of a Subject (but really I'm just bad at them)

I kept waking up this morning -- hot and sticky, wanting to sleep longer but clearly not sleeping well.  I napped a little around 3pm, but still.  I did put a fan in one bedroom window tonight.  (Yes, it was a combination of stubbornness and forgetting that I'd bought window fans either last summer or the summer before.)


In the CHPC liturgy this morning, I found myself really struck by the bits on forgiveness -- thinking about what I crave forgiveness for.

excerpt from the Unison Prayer of Confession:
    We confess our selfishness of heart and meanness of spirit; our slowness to forgive as we have been forgiven; our faltering attempts to love others and our awkward responses to those who want to love us.
    (from "A Call to Prayer" edited by C. Micklem, adapted)
In the Words of Assurance, Karl said, "in that forgiveness comes freedom and joy and possibility."


The ecumenical Somerville Pride service tonight went well.  (And it was not as warm in the chapel/fellowship hall as I had feared it might be.)

The Opening Hymn was "Gather Us In" and I saw Laura Ruth signing along.  I was gonna talk to her afterward, but I didn't see her during fellowship.  I have her e-mail from Molly's e-mailing everyone involved in the Reader's Theater, though.

During fellowship, people seemed to actually mingle with people other than the ones they came with, which pleased me.  Okay, I didn't really talk to anyone I didn't already know, but hey, I already knew 3/5 of the congregations.

At one point, Tiffany mentioned that Laura Ruth had told her I'd started going to their Wednesday service, and I told her the story about how I  was like, "Do I really need to be involved in four churches?"  She said maybe I'd become that which they're all striving for... where all the different colors come together in that white light.  (Yes, this was a metaphor from tonight's service.)  She suggested I could be a mediator 'cause I'd know what was important to the different groups and suchlike.


As post-CWM fellowship was winding down, I switched seats to where Sean and Marla and people were sitting.  Marla mentioned that Will's moving out in July (he got an appointment in Hull) so if I know anyone who's looking for a place to live...  I said I'm looking for a new place to live as I'm moving out of my current apartment August 1st, said I was weighing whether Marla and I would kill each other :)  Marla said we wouldn't, looked genuinely surprised at the suggestion that we would.  She also joked to Sean that I would complete the... she didn't say quota, but I forget what exactly she did say... but anyway, as a bisexual I would complete the GLBTA representation at the Collective :)

The idea of living with people I already know and like definitely had appeal -- and they're just over the border into Arlington, so it wouldn't be much of an adjustment from where I am in terms of how I commute to work, where I get my groceries, etc.  And there's definitely low risk that they'll be moving any time soon (one of my few Wanted items in my apartment-hunting this time around is people who are gonna stay more than a year, after having lived with the revolving door of graduate students).

She drove me home with them to check out the place.  It's a little smaller than my current room (10x11 vs. 11x11), but Marla's sympathetic to my "I know a move is a good excuse to go through the boxes of crap I haven't touched since I last moved two years about, but that may not actually happen..." and they have basement storage, so that would alleviate a lot of the problem.  And it's got a double sliding door closet like my room in my parents' house.

They have washer-dryer in the basement, and the totally reasonable rent (more than I'm paying now, but I know what I'm paying now is far on the low end of anything I would find) would include all utilities (thus making it about equal with what I pay in total each month).

They don't have cable, but they do have HD and a dvd/vcr, so I could tape stuff in high-quality, and if there are any Sci-Fi/Lifetime/whatever Original Movies I desperately need to see or whatever (I heard about Circuit with Michelle Trachtenberg premiering on ABC Family tonight at 8 thanks to facebook sponsored links or whatever they are on your mini-feed homepage) I'm sure I can obtain them from Amy or whatever.
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