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[Weeds] 2.12 "Pittsburgh" [2008-06-10]

For the season finale, they went back to the original singer of the theme song.

Heh, Celia is like Voldemort.

I like Nancy smashing the tape with her foot and then repeating her almost-deadpan previous statement of, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

And Celia has a gun!

"YOU HAVE FAILED US ALL!" Okay, I was not expecting that.
"There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane." That worked really well with the progression of his analogy, and of course the invocation of Samuel L. Jackson Snakes on a Plane is awesome.

Nice shots of Doug, Dean, and Celia during Shane's, "We have become alienated, desensitized, angry, and frightened" -- though of course it would have been too much to expect for them to actually make up at all.

Aww, Isabelle gets to be with a girl at the graduation party.

I kind of facepalmed that Shane left with "the crazy chick from Alaska who tried to kill my uncle" (quote from 2.10 "Mile Deep and a Foot Wide"), but admittedly he is feeling pretty abandoned/ignored by his family.

Peter: "You shouldn't put metal in a microwave."

Heylia had the Armenians kill Peter? And Conrad knew? At first I thought I'd blinked during the "eat your waffles" scene, but it makes more sense that it's supposed to be a surprise for the audience as well (though of course once we know he knows we remember that scene and fill in the blanks). Though seriously, Pittsburgh by way of Paraguay? I'm gonna assume you're drunk that you didn't even blink at that.

She has leverage as long as the safe is locked, but admittedly there's not really anything she can do with that. And there are a lot of angry guys with guns. Who wants to play the odds that nobody gets trigger-happy?

Silas took the drugs? What idiot thing did Nancy program the safe combination to be? (And how did he know which their house was, anyway?) Also, "I want in"? *facepalms* I wasn't expecting Celia to show up with the cops, but of course it's in keeping with the everything-that-can-go-wrong-does for Nancy et al that day.
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