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"Love the way you would like to be loved." -sign outside St. James Episccopal

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:08min
2mi @ 22:44min
2.61mi @ 30min

Tuesday: I did ~20-25min in the weight room.

I bought hook earphones from RadioShack, and they feel _less_  secure than the regular earbuds I had before.


Walking home from work Monday evening, there was actually a nice cool breeze.

Sunday I didn't fall asleep for quite some time (I wasn't uncomfortably hot, just awake), despite having gone to bed late and gotten up relatively early the two previous nights/days.  Monday night, though, around quarter past seven in the evening I felt tired.  So I went to bed around 7:30.  I was sort of expecting that once I got to bed I'd feel awake again, but I actually slept.  I woke up around 10 and again was worried that now I'd be up half the night, but no, I fell back asleep easily.  It cooled off nicely overnight, and I actually woke up at 4am cool enough that I turned off my window fan.  (My bed is right up against the window.)  I slept fitfully for the next couple of hours, but still.

Walking to work this morning wasn't as bad as it was yesterday morning.  (Though arguably the rest of the day has been worse.)

Heading out of the house this morning, when I groped for my keys in my bag, I pulled out my "Ask. Tell." dogtag necklace, which I had misplaced months and months ago.
it's not a release
it's not a reward
it's the blessings
insta!rec: (Iron Man movieverse) "Follow Your Shame" . . . beautifully fucked-up Pepper and Tony


In yesterday's heat I remembered that in the past we've had iced coffee as part of the regular coffee delivery in the summer but I hadn't seen anything from Catering asking if we would want that this summer.  So I searched and found last year's "SUMMER Regular deliveries" e-mail (dated May 30): "Please let me know if you would like to continue your regular coffee deliveries through this summer. If so would you like switch to iced coffee? We can start delivering iced coffee as soon as June 18th. Please respond as soon as possible."  I replied to that message with, "Will there be an option for iced coffee service this summer?" and got back a response of, "No problem!"  I thought, "Um, okay," since that was kind of vague -- but I figured at the earliest it would be next week's order.

Well, this morning there was iced coffee :)  Katie was v. v. pleased.
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