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mjules: *grins* I always like when you share. [4:52pm]

but you've got the hard cough of a chain smoker
and you're at the arctic circle playing strip poker
and it's getting colder and colder
everytime you lose

so go ahead
make your next bold move
tell us
what's the next thing you're gonna need to prove
to yourself
I got my hair cut last night (Salon CU, Christine).  The woman styled it with an out-flip rather than the under-flip I usually do, and yeah, I don't really like that look on me.  Which is good to know.  (I'm really happy with the cut, though.  The layering is all intact, so it's just as pretty as it was before, only now it's not at that awkward length, which makes it even prettier.)

I went to bed around 11 last night.  I kept seeing flashes of light -- heat lightning I supposed.  Around midnight, it got really windy -- I actually took out my window fan for fear it would get blown out of the window.  This was also when the air significantly cooled off.  I was still not falling asleep, though.  Not awake enough to anything terribly productive (I know, this is different from my regular awake times how?), just not actually sleeping.  Hi, 2:30am.  I woke up at 7:37am.  (I aim to be out of my house around 7:15.)  So that's the second day this year that I flat-out did not go to the gym ('cause I already had evening commitments, so I couldn't do it after work).


I Y!M chatted with mjules this afternoon, and she is ftw.  (And message to mjules: I did feel better afterward -- apparently I still need to be reminded that talking things out, even when it is just an endless rehash, makes me feel better, and that trying to just will feelings to go away really doesn't work for me like at all ever.)

From our conversation:
me: I always appreciate clarifications, even when they turn out to be redundant.
mjules: I fucking love clarifications.
mjules: Love them so much I'm going to put them in the pre-dating clause I make my next S.O. sign.
mjules: *grins* I'm mostly joking about that, of course, but I'm starting to think it wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm really tired of having relationships not turn out.
mjules: Once you got to the point that you felt you wanted to try a dating relationship with someone, you could pull out the paperwork, say 'Here, these are things you need to know,' and if they run screaming, you know they aren't prepared to deal with your analytical nature. *laughs*
me: Exactly!
mjules: Maybe we should draw up some drafts.
mjules: ...God, I can see us making spreadsheets.

She began drafting and in response to one of my comments, she said: "*laugh* I like that you appreciate phrasing. That was always my favorite part of your feedback, back when you just read my fic, that you would pick apart sentence structure."

Whee, memory lane!

I ended up reminding her that I'd recced her and she reminded me that when I contacted her to tell her some of her fic links didn't work (she'd locked down her personal journal and reposted fic to a fic journal but had missed a few . . . and I was at the time copying all my recs over onto del.icio.us) she checked out my journal and saw my CWM writeups and suchlike and she was in the midst of making peace with her own queerness and Christian upbringing and yeah, she totally friended me.

[In the spirit of Ari, I tracked down the exact date she friended me -- June 7, 2007.  Which it didn't occur to me until just now that that was barely a year ago.  And we didn't really start becoming close until I was on Y!M all the time this January.]

Anyway, in talking about her fic, mjules mentioned how she's "a hopelessly cynical romantic" and told me about a story idea which reminded me of musesfool's fondness for characters saying "I love you" in ways other than actually saying those exact words.  And so of course what always comes to mind for me is "I wouldn't stop for red lights."  So I tracked down the "17 People" transcript.
[Josh gives the speech a look just as Donna walks by.]
DONNA: Hello.
JOSH: [following her] How you doing?
DONNA: I'm doing fine.
JOSH: Did you get the flowers?
DONNA: Yes, I did.
JOSH: Did you like 'em?
DONNA: They were very pretty.
JOSH: Do you know why I sent them to you?
DONNA: I know why you think you sent them to me.
JOSH: It's our anniversary!
DONNA: No, it's not.
JOSH: I'm the kind of guy who remembers these things!
DONNA: No, you're the kind of guy who sends a woman flowers to be mean. You're the only person I've met who can do that!
JOSH: I'm quite something.
JOSH: I sent them to mark an occasion!
DONNA: Are we really going to do this every year?
JOSH: For I am a man of occasion!
DONNA: I started working for you in February, this is April, and you're an idiot.
JOSH: You started working for me once in February.
JOSH: And then you started working for me again in April, and that's the one I choose to remember, because it's the only one that wasn't followed by you not working for me and going back to your boyfriend, and how you can call me mean in comparison to that and him is another in a long...
DONNA: Oh, shut up! Honest to God, don't you ever get tired of the sound of your own voice?
JOSH: No, no, no. [heads off in an opposite direction]
DONNA: Joshua, Josh, Josh.
JOSH: What the hell is happening now?
DONNA: You feel, I believe, because you're quite addle-minded, that this job was my second choice.
JOSH: Hey, I'm just grateful we were your last choice.
DONNA: I'm gonna give you a little gift right now, which you don't deserve.
JOSH: Donna, if you've got your old Catholic-school uniform on under there, don't get me wrong, I applaud the thought, but...
DONNA: Okay, what I need is for you to stop being like, you, for a second.
JOSH: Okay.
DONNA: When I came back, you remember I had a bandage on my ankle?
JOSH: Yeah.
DONNA: I told you I slipped on the ice on the front walk?
JOSH: Yeah. You know why? 'Cause you didn't put down the kitty litter.
DONNA: I was actually in a car accident.
JOSH: You were in a car accident?
DONNA: It was...
JOSH: Seriously, you were in an accident?
DONNA: It was no big deal.
JOSH: You told me it was a late thaw.
DONNA: [smiles] Yes. I did. Anyway, they took me to the hospital and I called him and he came
to get me and on the way he stopped and met some friends of his for a beer.
JOSH: [incredulously] He stopped on the way to the hospital for a beer?
DONNA: Yes. And that's why I left him. Which was the point of my telling you this. I left him. So stop remembering that. What I remember is that you took me back when you had absolutely no reason to trust me again, and you didn't make fun of me or him, and you had every reason to.
JOSH: Donna...
DONNA: You're gonna make fun of him now, aren't you?
DONNA: 'Cause that's why I didn't tell you in the first place.
JOSH: I'm not gonna make fun of him.
DONNA: Good.
JOSH: But just what kind of a dumbkes were you...
DONNA: He was supposed to meet some of his friends. He stopped on the way to tell them that he couldn't.
JOSH: And had a beer?
DONNA: Does this make you feel superior?
[Josh looks away and starts to say something, but doesn't.]
DONNA: Yes, you are better than my old boyfriend.
[Josh stands up and walks toward the door, but stops in the doorway.]
JOSH: I'm just sayin' if you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for a beer.
DONNA: [stands up] If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for red lights. Thanks for taking me back. [walks out of his office] Oh, and the flowers are beautiful.
[Josh stands in the doorway staring after her.]
-from "17 People" (The West Wing 2.18)
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