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[local] transpo, teh gays, and JKR

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:31min
2mi @ 23:13?min
2.57mi @ 30min


"Urban Ring project is no urban legend"
Okay, I totally thought that was about gangs or something.
I keep waiting for davis_square (or b0st0n) to post something about this.

davis_square does have the news that "Good Time Emporium in Somerville will close its doors on June 30 to make way for an Ikea" with this brilliant comments exchange:
talonvaki: Finally!
When I moved to Somerville in 2000, there was an IKEA "coming fall 2000."

...8 years later...we're finally getting the damn IKEA. Awesome.
nonnihil: They've had to assemble the store using only an allen wrench and a million cubic feet of particleboard; it takes a little while.

Also: I learned that the Massachusetts governor's daughter came out as a lesbian via a diary on dKos* today.  Way to fail, LJ.

*I'm trying to get back into engagement with politics.  Mostly it results in my switching tabs to go read fanfic or something because I'm either overwhelmed or frustrated, but I'm working on it.  I was v. excited to find I could switch the timezone display on dKos.  [Edit: via b0st0n the next day, I learned that she's going to my alma mater.]


Got the most recent HU Gazette today.  Front page above the fold is about JKR's speech at Commencement.  I love that they include the correct pronunciation of her surname: it's pronounced ROW-ling, as in "rolling in dough"
Tags: boston, davis_square, everyone's gay, gymming it up, harry potter, mbta, newspaper: metro, smith

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