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I did 25min in the weight room -- and almost all of that time was actually exercising.  W00t!

I had a half an hour until I needed to be at my desk, so I went and walked the track for 2 laps, jogged for 2, and walked for 2.  (9 laps = 1 mile)  I tried the NordicTrack machine, but it was rly awkward and I literally almost fell off.  So I did the "Lifecycle" -- which is a stationary bike, but it has a back on the seat so you're practically lounging, which felt counter-intuitive to me.  Not uncomfortable, just not what I'm expecting when I'm pedaling a bike.  I actually got all sweaty, which surprised me, especially since I was only doing Level 1 (on an easy-difficult scale of 0-12).  I did 10min, which was apparently 3 2/3 miles.  (I averaged 80rpm, fwiw.)  And then walked 2 laps to cool down.

In total, I did about 50 minutes of working out.

That my headband messes up how my hair looks for the rest of the day continues to irritate me.


Man, I sometimes feel like the dKos diary section (diarists and commenters) is laem, but Deleuze and Habermas?  I am impressed.
    Also interesting, from elsewhere in the comments: hearing about how the comment moderation functions and the history thereof.  I already often think while I'm over there find myself about how the dKos diary section functions both differently from and similarly to LJ, and this of course encourages me. 
- Comments don't get e-mailed to you.  This frustrates me.  Though if you're logged in, it will indicate which comments are New since you last read a post.
- I dislike that it requires Subject lines in the comments (especially since it has a short character limit, so people often just begin their thesis statement in the Subject line, which isn't always helpful when scrolling down and just skimming subject lines)
- I like that you can Recommend comments.  Learned from comments on that entry: If you have Trusted User status you can Hide comments, too.  There used to be a number rating system (1-4, I think) and also one in which you could label comments as Unproductive (a third option in addition to Recommend/Hide).
- You can see all of a user's comments -- which is awesome, though kind of scary, as a poster.
- It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of postage.  People self-tag imperfectly* (as is true on LJ), and the tags aren't visible except from the individual post (i.e., when viewing the main page or an author's main page you don't see them).  There is a sidebar with Recommended diaries.
*This post, for example has tagged: "marriage, gay, California, equality, EQCA, Equality California."  Um, I would like a "same-sex marriage" tag.  Yes, I realize that basically all posts about "marriage" are going to be about same-sex marriage, and this allows discussions of the issue of civil vs. religious "marriage" more generally to be conveniently aggregated, but still, it bothers me.
      And this post by the same author is tagged "California, Limit on Marriage Initiative, Amendment, Revision" -- no "marriage" or "gay," even though the California Limit on Marriage Initiative is directly related to the California same-sex marriage issue.
- You can HotList writers, but it's extra steps to view your HotList and you just see the author and post title, no nice easy aggregate of the above-the-fold bits or anything like you get on LJ friendslist.


MaryAlice thinks I should go celebrate gay weddings when I'm out in CA with my brother :)  Y'know, just show up at City Hall somewhere with flowers and champagne and celebrate people I've never met.

Around 4pm today, the sky burst with rain, coming down diagonally against the window, looking like sleet.

At one point today, FUH asked me, "When are you coming to Maine?"  ♥  My summer is really booked up, though.  I'm free the weekend of July 19, but I should so totally be packing that weekend.  I mean, do we really think I'm gonna get the bulk of my packing done over the July 4th weekend?

My mom came and met me at work before we went to dinner tonight, so she got to meet FUH.  He heard us talking and knew we had to be related 'cause she sounds just like me.

We went to Antonia's in Davis Square -- one of the few restaurants I can think of in the immediate Davis Square area that I haven't eaten at yet.
For $18, I would have liked a bit more of my spinach&cheese ravioli, but that's okay.  They were out of cannoli, sadly.

It was nice to get to visit with my mom.  I go back to Norwood about every six weeks during the school year, but what that actually translates into is: walk home from the train with my mom, inhale dinner and hear from my dad a bit, go to Singspiration and hang out there, come home with my mom and stay up late hearing from her, get up late morning and have lunch with Terry, go back to Somerville.

She conflates Allie and Ari, but she totally knew what "gen" meant (as in "gen bff," etc.).  I'm so proud :)

When we went over the Charles, it was around sunset, which I haven't done in a while.  My mom joked that the train was going slowly to give us an opportunity to enjoy the view more :)

I keep mentioning in conversations withe people how the Red Line is shuttle busing this past and upcoming weekend and how the subway's been going like 5mph over the Bridge due to construction underneath, but I didn't really know anything about it, so I finally actually Googled earlier today.  Boston Globe, Massachusetts Highway Department

In browsing b0st0n (something I rarely do), I found that as of this month, the Tweeter Center is now the Comcast Center.


HU EXT 08-09 Courses Posted

I'm thinking of auditing this fall:

RELI E-1505 Religion, Education, and Democracy (13202)
Diane L. Moore, PhD, Professor of the Practice in Religious Studies and Education, Harvard Divinity School.
Course tuition: noncredit $450, undergraduate credit $800, graduate credit $1,725.
Fall term: Wednesdays beginning Sept. 17, 7:35-9:35 pm.
The focus of this course is to develop an understanding of the complex intersection between religion, secularism, democracy, and public education in multicultural America. Our exploration includes a historical review of the relationship between religion and public education in the US with special attention to pivotal Supreme Court decisions that have shaped public policy discourses in these areas over the past half century; a consideration of the social and moral consequences that stem from privileging secularism as the normative ideology of the public sphere; and a historical and contemporary analysis of differing views regarding the nature and purpose of public education and the role of religion in those debates. Final projects focus on the legal, political, or curricular dimensions of the course. (4 credits)
RELI E-1510 The Bible and Politics (13050)
Paul D. Hanson, PhD, Florence Corliss Lamont Professor of Divinity, Harvard Divinity School.
Graduate seminar. Course tuition: graduate credit $1,725. Limited enrollment.
Fall term: Tuesdays beginning Sept. 16, 5:30-7:30 pm.
The seminar examines political models found in the Bible; the role of biblical tradition in church-state relations in the history of the United States; and the possibility of developing a suitable political theology within the context of contemporary society. (4 credits)
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