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pretty good day

I seem to be making a habit of getting to the gym early.  I was gonna do 45 minutes on the elliptical, but the first machine I was on wasn't all that smooth (though wasn't actually at the point where I would worry that it was gonna break under me), wasn't giving me a Distance display, and despite having it on the Interval program, didn't seem to change the Resistance any (even though the display said it was).  So after 5 minutes I switched machines and did 40min on a machine I liked.

1mi @ 11:09min
2mi @ 22:34min
3mi @ 33:57min
2.53mi @ 40min

I watched more ESPN than I did CNN.

I was half-expecting for the Celtics to lose last night's game.  I mean, the Red Sox have a grand history of 'ripping defeat from the jaws of victory' -- plus this year the Patriots ended a perfect season by losing the Super Bowl.  After we failed to sweep, I felt like surely the series would at least get tied up.  (Though I wasn't really invested either way.)

I kept getting close to tearing up watching the postgame -- especially since they kept replaying Kevin Garnett.


DRFD is incompetent.  I am a rock star.  Film at 11.


I find this somewhat fascinating.  (And sidebar: It is tagged "same-sex marriage," among other things.  See my previous complaint about dKos diary tagging here.)  The Social Security Administration (SSA) abides by the federal DOMA and so, for all benefit purposes, does not recognize any same-sex partner as a "spouse."

"Entitlement does not end if the divorced spouse or surviving spouse enters a same-sex marriage or union."  Bisexuals FTW!  (I noticed this particularly since a flister was recently blogging about the eliding of bisexuals in referring to same-sex marriage as "gay marriage."  One commenter on the flist suggested "gender-neutral marriage" 'cause "same-sex marriage" elides so many trans folk.)

One commenter says, "The fact that they will continue to not count same sex unions for SSI deeming issues is a good thing.  It will ultimately allow more children and disabled adults to receive higher benefit payments even though the family has more earned income."
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