Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

balancing the angst with snark and comedy

(blame trijinx for this, and thanks to Psyche for the shooting script)

LINDSEY (cont'd)
Nathan, I'm so proud you picked me --
(rubs Charlie's head really hard again)
(back to Nathan)
But if I were in your shoes I'd've
chosen Lilah. You guys have any
idea the hours this gal puts in? And
the files she has on all of you, deep
stuff: Ronnie's stock manipulations,
Nathan's little off shore account ...

The men look even more alarmed. Lindsey moves to Lilah.

LINDSEY (cont'd)
Can you imagine if something were
to happen to her and those files found
their way to the Senior Partners?
They'd eat you alive!
(to Lilah)
She's workin' overtime, she's everything
you ever dreamed of. Lilah's your guy!
Me, I'm unreliable, I've got evil hand
issues and I'm bored with this crap.
Besides, I'm leaving, you want to
chase me? Be my guest -- just remember
(looks at hand)
(walks out, past Lilah)
Good luck.

She jumps a little as he clearly -- but out of frame -- pinches her backside. She turns, now we're shooting over her to him.

LINDSEY (cont'd)

Points to his hand, mouthing but not saying: "evil hand, evil hand..." And he's gone. PUSHING IN ON LILAH, realizing Lindsey just saved her life. She takes in some air, able to breathe again.

Well. Let's amend the minutes,
Lilah Morgan was promoted --
someone call an ambulance.

-from "Dead End" (Angel 2.18)

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