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"'Posthaste,''' he said, "means--" / "--means you'll do nothing to help us," Violet finished for him

Sluggish morning.

I did 30+min in the weight room this morning, including upping the weight on some of the machines.  I was actually kind of enjoying myself, which is unusual for me with weight room stuff.


"Today is Al's 10th anniversary at HBS -- not to mention Amy's first day.  Seems like a good occasion for another small gathering.  2pm outside Brian's office.  I'll bring a cake. Ben."

He picked the same cake Nicole's parents got her (apparently it's Al's favorite -- "Chocolate Decadence").

Ben asked me if I'd paid Finale to deliver the cake yesterday and I said yes.  (I hadn't actually realized until I checked my bank balance last night -- to confirm the price for reimbursement purposes -- that they charge extra for that, though of course I shouldn't be surprised.)  He asked if I had a Finale rewards card and I said no.  He said for every $50 you spend you get $5.  And of course I was welcome to use his card and give him the points :)

From the website:
Registered cardholders will receive a birthday dessert ($10.95) on their Sweet Rewards card. Each cardholder will receive a birthday greeting by email inviting them to visit Finale within the next 30 days to receive his/her birthday dessert. The birthday dessert will expire (no longer be on the card) 30 days from the date of the birthday email, not 30 days from the cardholder birthday. If you register after your birthday, you will receive your birthday dessert in the following year.

I had him refer me (so he got 25 points).  This reminds me, of course, that I need to find the Gap card I got weeks ago and call and register that.  Anyway, anyone wanna come to Finale with me for dessert some time in the vicinity of my birthday?


Things I did well today:
+ I updated my website/del.icio.us (not a lot of recs, but hey).
+ I think I'm done with my flickr photos from California.  (201 photos in the abbreviated-for-slideshow set.  308 total photos.)
+ I emailed two people re: craigslist room postings (via HousingMaps.com).

Good things today include:
+ Burrito station: I asked for a "black bean burrito, no meat," and the guy [not the usual burrito guy from downstairs but the junior pasta guy] dutifully put black beans on a soft tortilla and asked, "Is that all?"  So I got exactly what I wanted on my burrito (black beans + guacamole, sour cream, and mild salsa -- though I think next time I'll just ask for tomatoes, 'cause I'm really not into onions).
+ emails from Michaela and Lorraine


Has anyone read Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events?  I wasn't thrilled by the first one, but I have the first four out from the library.  Should I keep going?

Also: I read the graphic novel version of The Truth About Stacey, and it's weird looking back as a 25-year-old and thinking, "These are twelve-year-olds who are in charge of children."
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