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[Astonishing X-Men] #25

I picked up the new Buffy yesterday (haven't actually read it yet, btw) 'cause it comes out on a regular schedule and announces the date of the next issue at the back of the current one.  I almost checked for the new AXM but didn't.  Then of course LJ folk were talking about it.  I got the last AXM late, plus I'd gotten used to Joss' excessive lateness, so I was like, "The new one's out already?"  So I stopped at the comic book store again after work today.  The woman said I was the first person she'd seen walk in, pick up the new Astonishing, and walk out -- said usually people pick up the new Buffy, too, and so I explained.  She pointed out that I could get a subscription, and so I did.  I've been purchasing AXM from MYP since . . . September of 2006.  Sometimes the cashier will ask if they're subscription, but no one has ever actually directly asked me if I want to get a subscription.  Heh.

Anyway.  Spoilers for AXM 25, aka the first in Warren Ellis' Astonishing run. 

They're in San Francisco now?  Gotta love how I clearly blinked and missed the Westchester Mansion getting destroyed.  (Also, I find it interesting that in San Francisco the coloring is all so dark.)

Allie had said the art was gorgeous, but I was not prepared for this kind of art.  This is what we get on the Buffy covers, but I've never seen this kind of art inside a comic book.  Wow.
Emma looks like a tranny with collagen lips, though, which is unfortunate.  Also, why doesn't Ororo get to wear pants and a shirt like a normal person?

Hisako and her pajamas (and slippers)!

Hisako: He [Logan] says that if my name's "Armor" then his name is "Claws" and Ms. Frost's name is "Brain" and Ms. Rogue's name is "Suck."

[Edit 'cause I forgot to mention] Hank calls her "Abigail" (as I suppose he would; I can't help thinking of Abigail Adams as I type this -- I think because of recent friend updates on GoodReads). [/edit]

Ororo: I never knew that guilt-free shopping and constant lovemaking could get so boring.
Emma: ... I do not believe I heard another human being say that out loud.

I like the nod to the baggage that comes with superhero costumes in terms of perception by the official authorities.

The frame of Ororo at the bottom of the page when they first find the burning guy is beautiful.

Hank says "celiac plexus" and Logan knows what he's talking about?

Hisako: That doesn't sound like a good idea, Mr. Summers.
Scott: We're on mission time now.  Codenames.
Hisako: Sorry.  That sounds like we're all going to die, Cyclops.

Scott: I've known Warren Worthington since we were sixteen, Wolverine.
Logan: That's kinda my point.


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