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I keep thinking tomorrow's Sunday 'cause of I had the day off today.

I got up at like 10:30 this morning.  Yay for getting to sleep in.  (The first time I woke up this morning was like 6:50, which kind of impressed me.)

I started cleaning out some of the piles of paper in my room and then headed out for a 1pm interview at Diesel with Kelley R. of UD who's writing a book on bisexuality.
    I got a raspberry lime rickey and it had a red layer at the bottom and the rest was white/clear and a splash of cola in the hollowed out lime half.  Interesting.
    Anyway, the interview took about an hour.  I feel like I contributed nothing of any import, but some of the questions made me think, so that was good.
    We hung out afterward chatting while she waited for this woman she's sort of dating to drive in from Brockton(!).  She told a great story about getting like half a subway car talking about bi issues -- she had just done an interview and she and the interviewee were going the same direction so they took the T together and were talking about being bi and stuff and a guy sitting next to them starts asking them question and then this woman sitting next to them gets involved (the guy keeps saying stupid stuff and the woman keeps looking at Kelley sympathetically and eventually engages the guy herself) and then another guy starts talking to Kelley (by this time the interviewee had gotten off at her stop) and it was just really cool.
    Eventually Cindy (the Brockton woman) arrived and we moved to a couch (I hadn't actually noticed before that Diesel stretches so far back) and they got salads.  Cindy ate the apple, cranberries, and walnuts . . . leaving the gorgonzola and lettuce (she had agreed to the salad on a sort of trial bias) and I ended up snacking on the remains and joked that I felt like I should pay her back for a partial cost of the salad.  She waved that off and in fact actually asked me if I wanted a drink.  I said she really didn't need to do that and she said it was fine and I said yes, after having had like half a salad, a drink would be great.  So she got me an iced tea -- and brought me a thing of syrup ('cause sugar crystals don't dissolve well in cold water?) which had an easy pour on it like bartenders put on all their bottles (yes I've seen them on the flavor syrups at Starbucks, too, but I first saw them in bartending school, so that's always what I think of).
    They had stuff to take care of before meeting people for dinner, so about 4:30 we finally headed out.
    I love that Diesel has board games on their shelves.

Coming in to Charles MGH on the Red Line, this family seated across from me was looking at maps and seeming confused and I asked if I could help, and in fact I was able to help direct them how to get where they were going.  And we were all getting out at Park St. so once we were above ground I could point them in the right direction.  (Allie, they're vacationing from Chicago; I thought of you.)  The woman was particularly thankful.  She said people in Boston have been really nice -- that so often they're standing there feeling stupid and someone will come up to them and say, "Can I help you?"  I laughed a little inside 'cause Kelley had said she had found people in Boston to be really "standoffish" was her word compared to her experience in NYC.

See, it's not just the apocalyptic Christians who stand around Park St. with signs.

Payless had apparently just closed (it was shortly after 5pm), so I stopped in at Foot Locker on a whim and ended up getting a pair of Converse All-Stars 'cause I want sturdy walkable shoes that aren't quite as obtrusive as either my bulky black sneakers or my black and gold striped Champion sneakers.  I stopped in at Marshall's and got a pair of pseudo-ballet-flat shoes for the really hot weather.  I think I'll probably try Payless again tomorrow, and looking at their online catalog again tonight I did actually find some black non-leather dress flats, so even if I can't find those in-store I can order them.  I stopped in at H&M briefly 'cause I could use more clothes but didn't find anything.

I came home and had dinner and signed in to chat and totally didn't do anything further productive (like washing dishes or cleaning my room more) buy hey, I still have tomorrow -- which I srsly keep thinking will be Sunday.  And I don't entirely feel like I've been a slug.  Yesterday I did errands including depositing the last utilities check from RoomieKatie and picking up guest parking permits.  This morning I finally activated my GAP Visa card.  I actually had to pull out my tax return info to remind myself of the last four digits of my Social.  I thought of Tony Stark in that scene in the movie.

Sidebar: ASP is running an outdoor encore of its Love's Labour's Lost the weekend I'm going to the Cape with CAUMC folk [Aug. 1-3].  Sigh.  (I actually found out about this 'cause I happened to go to the website for something.  Which is odd, because usually I get a million emails from them.)

MY PARENTS FINALLY DID/UPDATED THEIR IMPORTANT LEGAL PAPERWORK!  (durable power of attorney, Massachusetts healthy care proxy, living will)  Their old documentation was from when my brother and I were both well under 18 and my mom's best friend lived in the same town as all of us.  Said bff moved all the way across the country four? more? years ago and my younger brother turns 21 in under a month.  There's been moderately serious talk about getting that all updated/squared away oh, since my maternal grandmother fell six years ago.


Last Sunday (June 29) I posted a list of "other stuff that is currently contributing to my stress (possibly an incomplete list)."  I'm feeling less overwhelmed in recent days and started updating the list with the ways in which stressors got resolved. 

- I still don't have a controversial topic for CAUMC group this Thursday.
    UPDATE: Reverted to the NIB [The New Interpreter's Bible], which was fine.  And Trelawney suggested some other options -- like finishing the Living the Questions series, which I was stoked about.

- I feel like almost nobody's going to come to my birthday party and I would have been better off just using the day for packing.  (Even though I have Yes RSVPs from 4 college people and 3 church people.)
    UPDATE: CAUMC-Michelle is coming!  And other people RSVPed Yes (or Maybe) as well.  Yeses include: 6 Smith people, 4 church people.

- The idea of purging/organizing/packing all my crap is so daunting.
    UPDATE: Even if I weren't moving, the clutter has been feeling overwhelming these past few days, so I really need to start clearing shit out.  (Gee, I think I said that some weeks ago and didn't do more than some token efforts.  [Heh, apparently that was late March.]).  Anyway, I'm trying to be ruthless in purging -- chucking all the Harvard and Smith magazines I know I'm never going to get around to reading, etc.

- I still don't know for sure where I'm living come August.
    UPDATE: Am moving in with Cate's friend Melissa.  Decisions are HARD.  I felt antsy turning down places I hadn't seen yet, but was I really gonna find something better?

- We leave for Greece&Italy in six weeks, and I still don't know how we're getting around Greece.  (Though at least that's been delegated to my brother; I get the easier task of finding hostels.)
    UPDATE: I found hostels, which makes me feel somewhat better and more on top of stuff.  And Isabel emailed with some Greece info, which I forwarded on to my brother.

- I called Terry two weeks ago tomorrow and he still hasn't called me back.  (Yes, I plan to call him again tomorrow.)
    UPDATE: He never noticed that he had a voicemail message.  ::facepalm::

- I heard from Joe once when he facebook-chatted me back in early June and that's it.
    UPDATE: I IMed him tonight and he went on Away like a minute later.  Sigh.  I may phone him tomorrow.

- Hameer's in town through July 7, but I haven't heard back from him as to whether his availability matches mine.  [Edit: He facebook messaged me this evening, and the initial availability I gave doesn't look like it'll work but we're trying.  Heart "im tryin my best not to be a bad person and flake on you."]
    UPDATE: Okay, so that hasn't panned out yet, but I'm feeling chill about it.


I would like Ari to return to the Internet.  (Yes, I know she'll be back in a few days.)  I am also looking forward to Cat being within potential cuddle distance.
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