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I feel weird posting an update entry when I'm still hours from bed.

Today I:
+ went downtown to Payless and picked up a pair of dress flats and a pair of cute-but-not-excessively-so wedge sandals for clubbing or whatever
+ went to TJMaxx and on a whim picked up a bright spring shirt which turned out to look great on me, and also a pair of brown dress pants which fit fairly well
+ did laundry
+ washed dishes
+ picked up some groceries
+ cleaned my room a bit, though not nearly as much as I should (being ruthless is HARD)

Stuff I'm getting rid of that flisters might actually want:
- green dolphin earrings (surgical steel posts) claimed by Maria
- magnet of an indigenous peoples male-female couple with the text "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.  1 Corinthians 13:7-8"
- magnet with "Discover the wonder in every day" text above a wilderness scene with mountains in the image of bears, rocks in the image of eagle heads, a waterfall, etc.

I need to figure out what I am feeding people next Saturday.
Edit: I am also somewhat concerned that almost everyone is gonna drive and there is like nowhere to park. /edit

P.S. From QueerAgenda:
Wednesday, July 16

Gender Redesigner
At Brattle Theater:
40 Brattle Street Harvard Sq. Cambridge
9:30pm all ages $10

CineMental is excited to welcome fAe Gibson, subject of Gender Redesigner, to Boston for this screening and discussion.

Gender Redesigner Johnny Bergmann, USA, 2006, Video, 74 min.

Follow fAe over the course of 5 years as she begins to question her gender and decides to surgically modify her body. This intimate fun filled adventure makes you wonder how fAe can handle beginning hormone treatment, having his breasts removed, and drag kinging - all in the middle of rural Western Pennsylvania. While transitioning from female to male, fAe makes a startling discovery about the balance between his masculine and feminine sides. Can she succeed living as a man in the middle of farm country?

Gender Redesigner has screened at: NYC NewFest, San Francisco Frameline Festival, North Carolina Film Fest, Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival, and the Best of NewFest @ BAM and other festivals.

fore more information: http://www.myspace.com/genderredesignerfilm and http://www.RainbowAmerica.org

For the baby shower, I bought Trelawney and Eric (and baby-to-be Cuboo) a BornFree Gift Set of Bisphenol-A Free Plastic bottles from their registry.  I got an e-card thank you today.
Thank you, Elizabeth!

I got the bottles in the mail, and I am very excited to use them! They look delicious! And I'm especially excited to see how fast I can make Mummy and Daddy get them ready for me in the middle of the night when they're still half asleep and I'm making lots of loud noise! We'll have lots of fun! Thank you so much!!

love and kisses (with drool),

Edit: Chatting with mjules tonight, she related a conversation with her mom in which said mom said, "Damn skippy."

me: ::laughs:: I haven't heard anyone say "damn skippy" in years I don't think.
mjules: *laughs* It's fairly commonplace with me and Mom. We both have kind of quirky speech patterns.
me: I recall "nifterspiffic" from my teen years with my best friend, but that's fallen by the wayside.
I love that my parents adopt my slang -- like my mom will say "wootles" (her variant on "woot").
mjules: Wootles? That's fucking adorable.
me: Yeah, my mom's pretty adorable
mjules: Hee. From what I know of her so far, I'm willing to accept her nomination into the Hall Of Most Awesomest Mothers Ever, along with my own mother
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