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Er, how did it get this late?

Happy Birthday, antheia.  (I should probably do happy birthday wishes the day before since I don't update until bedtime on the day of, huh?)

Heading into the T this morning I saw Hannah going the other way.  She recognized me first and kindly volunteered her name when it was clear I didn't recognize her.

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:13min
2mi @ 22:44min
3mi @ 34:25min
3.91mi @ 45min

CNN this morning, John Roberts was talking to Laura Flanders and Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo.  There was actual argument.  I was so pleased.
    Flanders argued that Americans want to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq on day 1 and Pagliarulo argued that Americans want to win in Iraq, which is different from wanting immediate troop withdrawals.  They also quarreled over whether the economy or Iraq was Issue #1 among voters.

Hameer facebook messaged me apologized for never getting back to me about hanging out and said, "maybe third time's a charm whenever i come back next (probably winter time?)  In any case, fill me in on what you're doing these days.  keep in touch!"  I wasn't too upset about his dropping the ball since I was so busy with apartment stuff and everything, but I did appreciate the follow up and I feel like he may be sincere in his (friendly!) interest beyond just the courtesy interest which so annoys me with its superficiality.

I was telling someone about MFA films I've seen and I mentioned To Paint or Make Love.  I saw it at the MFA in July 2006 and could only find the French Region 2 DVD, but on a whim I checked Amazon while composing the e-mail and actually found it.
  • Format: Import, NTSC
  • Language: French
  • Region: All Regions
  • Studio: Metropole Canada
  • DVD Release Date: September 26, 2006

I dunno if it's less humid or if I'm just acclimating to the heat or something, but I didn't especially mind the walk home tonight despite the fact that I got all sweaty.  Though okay, I wasn't motivated enough to haul my bag of donations all the way down to Goodwill -- though I really should, so it's one less thing cluttering up the apartment come Saturday's party.  (I thought thunderstorms were predicted, though; where are they?  Also, I was amused to see "1st Atlantic season hurricane becomes Category 3 (AP)" topping YahooHome's Top Stories at one point tonight 'cause on CNN's This American Morning this morning, the weather guy (Rob Marciano) was saying they expected it to stay at a Category 1 but that they hadn't expected it to even become a hurricane or to move this far west so who knows.

I started digging through boxes and found all the opening pages of stories I wrote in adolescence -- the grandiose ideas and the trashy trash.  One is called "What is Lesbian?" about a girl whose mom is a lesbian, which I had completely forgotten about.  I don't know when I wrote it.  (There are typed bits, and there's another story with a typed bit that says "Copyright 1995," so that gives me some estimate.)  I think most of that stuff predates high school anyway.  Which makes this one interesting to me since I think of my queer stuff as later -- I wrote an essay on the Bible and homosexuality like my junior year at the instigation of some zinesters and had my first same-sex crush my senior year (though in retrospect I was able to see signs at least to 7th grade, so I guess it's not all that surprising).
I found one or two story-starters that I don't even remember writing.  (I feel like I should use Ari's "i have no history" tag.)  I'm being good about chucking almost all of my old writing stuff.  The journals not so much.  I'm having moderate success in being ruthless with birthday cards.  I don't really know what to do with the scads of photos I have.  Doing this while still wearing my dark-colored work pants was probably not my brightest idea ever, given the dust, but it wasn't too bad.
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