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This morning I heard Mitt Romney on CNN and part of his bit on CNBC.  I had stuff to say at the time, but I got kind of distracted with birthday stuff and so didn't really do much drafting during the day and here it is nearing on midnight.  (mjules IMed me at 11:54pm "What on earth are you doing still awake?")

Pags and Flanders were on CNN again (about Obama) and I was unimpressed.  John Roberts was talking about bits of the audiobook of Dreams of My Father and the bit about his drug use being used in attack ads and Pags was saying he had no interest in going after Obama on that (though some of the stuff about his pastor, on the other hand) and it was like Flanders just wasn't hearing him.  In general it was far less substantive than the last one I'd seen.


I had some actual work to do at work today, to my surprise, though I didn't get to all of it what with the two-hour lunch and assorted chatting.


Rest and Bread ("Oxygen")

[Edit: I forgot to share the anecdote of Jeff practicing "Abide With Me" before the service and worrying about the tempo. Someone said it was fine, that it wasn't supposed to be fast. iirc, someone then joked that they weren't ready for a rock 'n' roll. He said that would be Sunday mornings at 7am. I said excitedly that I would actually be able to attend that -- it wouldn't conflict with any of my other churches.]

Psalm 42.
The "Sacred Text" was an early Irish poem (though I don't think Keith read the last three lines that are in that linked version).
Laura Ruth is on vacation, so Keith was leading (with Michael helping with Communion and Jeff doing guitar on "Abide With Me" at the end) and in his Reflection he talked about his July group last night and how the talked about metaphors for God.  He also said that the environment is something to go out into because God is out there -- the way he talked about it was better than that paraphrase.

(In the hopes of helping me remember people's names, in attendance tonight were: Michael, Keith, Jenny, Althea, me, Gary, Lindsey, Jeff.)

A thunderstorm began during service, and people didn't wanna go out in the rain, so I hung out until it let up (which was like 7:05).  Jenny asked me which Group I was in, and I said I don't go to church here on Sundays so I hadn't been assigned a group (I had already talked to Keith, so I knew how it worked).  Yes I emailed Laura Ruth later that night.  [I still feel weird not hyphenating "email."]

I walked by JP Licks on the way home and even though I'd already had fro-yo after lunch I went and got a mint chip with chocolate jimmies.

I was going to do more room cleaning tonight even with the heat (especially since tomorrow I know I won't do any 'cause I have group), and the thunderstorm had cooled off outside significantly, at least initially, but I got home and didn't wanna be clothed and didn't wanna do any sifting though papers.  So I signed on to chat programs with "I should be cleaning my room" away messages and flitted back and forth between various Internet things.  After a few hours I was comfortable enough that I could have actually done some room cleaning but yeah, no.

I talked to my mom this morning, and she pointed out that they do have copy paper boxes my dad could bring over if I need them.  (They get home from CA a few days before I move.)  I had been thinking I needed to purge enough that I could fit everything I have into the boxes I have.  (I had everything boxed up when I moved from my parents' house, but I unpacked lots of it the day I moved in and sent my dad back home with those boxes since I had no storage space.)  This is still a useful pragmatic goal, but it is comforting to know that it is not non-negotiably necessary.
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